I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a lot of anxiety around prepping my little ones for back to school this year. I feels like the back to school transition this year will be a bit rougher than normal, and I want to be as calm of a parents as I can be.

The way that always helps me is by making to-do lists. I made back to school checklists for things that you can do the month before, the week before, and the day before to make the transition as easy as possible.

A month in advance

  • Start a back to school countdown
  • Add important dates to calendar
  • Stock up on school supplies
  • Order masks & sanitizer
  • Do a closet declutter
  • Order any new shoes or clothes that are needed
  • Finish up summer reading or projects, and do writing or reading everyday
  • Read some β€œback to school” books
  • Schedule doctors appointments
  • Sign up for any fall activities
  • Sort out childcare + carpool needs

One week before

  • Start back to school bedtime
  • Practice morning routine
  • Know drop off/pick up plan
  • Meal plan for lunches and snacks
  • Make sure kids can open lunch box/snack container
  • Meal plan and prep breakfasts
  • Meal prep dinners
  • New school tour if possible
  • Haircuts
  • Set up homework station
  • Set up parent organization area
  • Artwork storage
  • Label school supplies
  • Pack bookbag in advance
  • Make goals and intentions during the school year

One day before

  • Set out first day outfit
  • Pack lunches and snacks
  • Send paperwork or forms
  • Label medicine and instructions included
  • Send emergency contact info
  • Send a surprise note or drawing
  • Stick to bedtime

First day of school

  • Have a healthy first day breakfast
  • Take 1st day picture!
  • After school snack
  • Family dinner to talk about the day

Thank you so much for back to school prepping with me! I hope that this checklist helps make this transition for back to school this year! Sending you love mama!

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