Hey loves! I am 10 weeks and three days when I’m filming this, and it is insane that it’s a quarter of the way through this pregnancy like holy cow time is just flying! I’m sharing symptoms and updates for this week!

Total weight gain, I actually lost a pound from last week which I’m not just because it’s finally gotten level little nicer and I did some bike riding outside with Presley on the back of the bike, which actually like that added weight to it. So four pounds I’ve gained so far this pregnancy because I started at 125. No maternity clothes yet but I did get my pregnancy pillow and I absolutely love it!

I have been sleeping so poorly lately, between the vivid dreams and actually for the first time it was yesterday I woke up before the alarm that I have set and I’m usually waking up around 8:00 o’clock and it was so weird! But between trying to work and taking care of the kids doing home school and everything else for my business so I wish I could be taking naps right now too! But honestly like I’m doing this right now during nap time like nap time, sometimes the only time that I can do some of the work stuff that I have to do with having the kids home and stuff right now!

I have some exciting news if you haven’t watched on my channel we actually went and looked at a model home that is the home that my husband and I will be building!

Cravings, all of the carbs still! I  just want the bacon and cheese basically on the same logic that basically wanted just like carbs in cheese and salt like black olives black olives so much I need to like probably 10 cans of black olives to my grocery order because i can also eat an entire can of black olives in 1 sitting. I would actually say eggs are an aversion to me right now.

Another crazy thing I’ve noticed is my hair is growing so so fast! My extensions are tied is so I can tell how far they are grown out and it’s crazy. I’m also peeing ALL of the time, like waking up in the middle of the night to pee. Which may be because I am so thirsty all of the time, like I need to be constantly drinking something!!

I’m so excited to keep sharing these updates with you and I will see you next week!

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