Hey loves! I am here with my 11 week pregnancy update, and I’d love to know, doo you think I’m having a boy or a girl just based on my belly and all of the pregnancy symptoms this week. It’s’s fun to guess this pregnancy!

I’d also love to know if you know if you’re having a boy or girl, let us know baby names because I’m trying to think of those as well and I’m always curious so let me know in the comments! In the month of May I have a lot of really cool stuff for many business coming up this summer so May is kind of like extreme crazy prep mode and it’s really hard to do it with quarantine and everything going on right now. I’m going to try and I’m just hoping since I’m nearing the end of the first trimester I get a wave of energy back on! When I hit 12 weeks I’m going to try so hard to go back to my 5:00 AM routine I just haven’t been able to do it so far but i think next week I’m going to try transition and then maybe 13 weeks I can transition back to at least that’s what I’m hoping for because it’s really hurting my productivity right now!

Weight gain, I have gained 5 pounds. So I’m just going to bet that I’m going to gain the most weight this pregnancy. I think just between being home on quarantine and all I want are carbs, with my other babies at least had slightly healthier things. But now I just want carbs and cheese and pizza and bacon cheeseburgers and French fries and pasta all the things that honestly when I’m not pregnant I thought that I never eat those things, but I eat those things in such moderation, that it’s not the daily impact having right now so I’m just expecting to gain a lot of weight this pregnancy. So give me all the good pregnancy workout cause I need to do lots!

Gender guess, I’m still thinking boy! Either way I will be happy because either way it means Landon gets brother or Presley gets a sister and we get to have a third baby! I just love the idea of having a big family so it’s just exciting for me.

Symptoms! I feel extreme thirst, I have to chug water before I go to bed and I still wake up so dehydrated. My lips will be so dried out and I’m just constantly thirsty. I also feel extra moody because since the sleep has been so weird, this is the first week I would tell you the moodiness is definitely creeping on the happy. In general in the very happy optimistic person but even like today I’ve already honestly I snapped a couple times everyone in my house like you know ’cause you just when you’re not sleeping properly you just aren’t in the right mindset to like handle and craziness ensues and you know every day with two kids and a husband and a dog and you’re in the house all together there’s always going to be some issue either like for whatever reason!

That’s all for my 11 week update and I can’t wait to see what next week brings! And please be sure to leave name ideas because i’m looking for ideas if you have any really good ones! Especially having girls names that go nicely with Rosalina as the middle name, because that’s for sure if we have a girl, what the middle name will be! Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next one!


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