Hey loves! Welcome to part two of things you are forgetting to clean around your home! If you missed the first 12 items, you can find them here! There are so many spaces and items are the house that we rarely clean, and today, I’m cleaning them!

Some of my favorite cleaning products:

Let’s get cleaning!


The side of my stove was covered in grease and crumbs, so gross! Go pull your stove out and clean around it and underneath it! I vacuumed up all of the crumbs and dust and then wiped everything down and sanitized it, and it looked SO much better.

Shower Head

Another place you’re probably forgetting to clean is your shower head. How I cleaned ours was putting a ziploc bag and I put it over the shower head and put some CLR in the bag. Then I leave it on for at least two minutes to get all of that build up off. Then I took my little nozzle brush to get all of the remaining gunk off!

Tub Jets

If you have a jetted tub like we do, those jets can get nasty!! I like using this jetted tub cleaner. You simply fill up the tub and pour in 4 oz, and then for 15 minutes run the jets, and viola!

Makeup bag and brushes

You want to make sure these items are clean, they can be filled with bacteria. And especially since your brushes are touching your skin, you want to ensure they’re clean! I used a “brush bath” and in a cup with peroxide to give it a good clean and sanitize it. Then I actually wiped down the makeup products with a clorox wipe to sanitize those as well!


I use these everyday, and I clean them with a q-tip to clean any earwax. Then with peroxide I use a q-tip to go over any of the hard surfaces to clean off any of the germs. Then for the actual case I do the same thing.


The inside of your microwave can get so gross with caked on food and splatters. I sliced a lemon in half, and put the juice in a bowl and added some water. Then I put in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then I wiped down the microwave with a microfiber cloth now that the gunk has been loosened. It makes it so easy to clean it!

Coffee maker

I found this descaler on amazon and it’s so easy to use. We use our coffee maker every single day so we definitely want to make sure it’s clean! This cleaner made it so easy to clean the entire machine from the inside out!

Pet Food Bowls

These can be so overlooked! You want to clean these out every single day!


The recommendation is to clean your toothbrush once a week. If you’re sick, it’s suggested to entirely throw away your toothbrush. I put my head of the toothbrush in a bowl with peroxide and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Trash can

Next time you take our your trash, you should think about cleaning out the trash can itself! I cleaned mine with some lysol and hot water to make sure it’s totally disinfected and then wiped them down.


Ours is always filled with dust. I have these wipes that I love to use and it makes it so easy to clean!


These are an easy place to forget to clean. But since you’re touching these so often, you definitely want to make sure these are cleaned and sanitized often!

Check out the full video here!

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