Hey loves! I’m sharing a deep clean with me and the things around your home that you’re probably forgetting to clean! Let’s get cleaning!

  1. Your sink drain

Once we were able to pull out the drain, it was SO gross! I used bleach and water with my rubbermaid reveal to clean it. It got so much of the gunk off!

2. Your headboard

Especially if your headboard is upholstered, make sure you clean or vacuum it regularly! Between your hair, dust and skin cells can get trapped in there.

3. Lamp shades

They get so dusty! I used my soft bristle attachment on my vacuum to get all of the dust off the lampshade.

4. Blinds

I often save these for my big deep cleans, but I use the same soft bristle attachement to get all of the dust off of my blinds.

5. Window sills

Another spot that can get super dusty and dirty are your window sills! I used my vacuum to get rid of any excess dust and dirt. And then I used a cleaner to wipe them down. I used a q-tip to get into the cracks!

6. Washing machine

I used my CLR to do an extreme deep clean of our washing machine. I did half a cup of it and ran it on hot on a regular cycle. Once done, I did a rinse cycle.

7. Behind the toilet

Especially with little ones, I needed to do a deep clean of behind and all around the toilet. I wiped it all down with my clorox wipes!

8. Doorknobs

Another spot that’s often forgotten unless there’s a cold or flu going around, is the doorknobs and light switches in bathrooms especially! I grabbed a disinfectant wipe and wiped them all down.

9. Laptop

Especially since your hands are touching this all of the time, your laptop probably needs a good wipe down! I wipe mine down with a glass cleaner for the screen, and then I’ll take a disinfectant wipe and q-tip to get into the keyboard.

10. Remote controls

Similar to how I cleaned the laptop, I wiped down the remote in between all of the little buttons too. I often do this in hotels too!

11. Mop head

I have a washable mop head so I pull it right off and pop it into the wash with bleach so that I know my floors are actually getting cleaned!

12. Dishwasher

If you want your utensils to actually be clean, your dishwasher needs to be clean itself! First thing I do is take out the filter and give that a deep clean too. I put it in a bowl with CLR and hot water, then I spray it with my sink to get all of the gunk off. I put half a cup in a bowl on the top rack of the dishwasher and then run it on high for a really good clean.

Okay! We’ve made it through the list of the things you’re forgetting to deep clean around your home!

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