Hey loves! This is the last pregnancy update of the 1st trimester this is my 13 week pregnancy update! Lord I feel like my hormones are on fleek right now like I have just been so extra sassy, I said it Adam I don’t know if it’s any indication of little babes personality but I think this baby might be our wild one and might have a really sick sense of humor. I’ll explain why later!

I am 13 weeks pregnant and four days today as I’m filming this. Total weight gain: I have gained 9 pounds so far this pregnancy and all little babe really wants to eat is carbs. I am not in maternity clothes yet. I’ve been using the rubber band trick though, on shorts or jeans with buttons the couple of days I’ve worn those but pretty much because of quarantine I am just loving the sweatpants life!

I have not seen any stretch marks yet but I have been very liberal with my use of the palmers cocoa butter on my belly and my thighs and my boobs and everywhere that feels like it’s growing and stretching thanks to pregnancy.

How am I sleeping?! Sleeping actually has gotten a little bit better! I know a couple updates ago I just shared I was having really vivid nightmares and they were so freaking scary! I have started taking some of your advice into practice and I think it has worked tremendously so I will read the you version Bible app the devotionals on there before I go to bed, while I’m like washing my face and take out my contacts. I listen to Christian music on my phone. I recently watched I think the movie is called I still believe and that’s the name of the song by Jeremy Camp. I think that’s the name of the movie, but I recently watched that and it did just trigger a lot of emotions about the passing of my dad which we’re coming up on that and I don’t know I feel like there’s a side of me that could just cry. I just feel like between Memorial Day and he actually passed on Father’s Day last year like I’m just always going I feel like think of him during those times. I’ve been emotional about this, but I have noticed there’s this Cardinal who I see him in the backyard all of the time and I say him ’cause I just feel like we know it’s my dad the kids even say there’s poppy but he’s come up really close to the window like literally flown up to the window and been looking at me when I’ve been sitting at the kitchen table couple mornings ’cause actually this week I did get up before the kids I’m trying to get back into my routine. I heard the noise of the bird and we just kind of stare at each other for a little bit and I feel like he’s just comforting me, saying hi but it’s nice like I really appreciate it and I just know I feel like I just know he picked this baby out like I just I know that like I can feel it.

I pulled out the heart rate monitor that somebody sent me when I was pregnant with Presley, I tried to find the baby’s heartbeat after I found it the first time I pulled it out I found the baby’s heartbeat it was like 11 weeks and last week then I tried it on Mother’s Day ’cause I thought it be fun to show the kids and I couldn’t find it. Then a few nights later with Adam and we were in bed, I couldn’t find it either and then we were watching little fires everywhere, but during a scene that was like very emotional and a mother was crying about where her baby was, and I felt just like a little ping in there! I was like you have such a twisted sense of humor, like just be like I’m here so you have to worry about where I am!

I’m just I’m trying to be calm I did end up ordering though like another Doppler that a ton of people recommended, maybe it will ease my mind if I can just check and hear the heartbeat and then like I won’t check again just out of like I think it’s good to just try to stay calm and not have that anxiety I if I don’t hear it and be calling my doctor. I mean I’m supposed to go in for my anatomy scan I haven’t made the appointment yet but it’s going to be between 18 and 22 weeks.

This whole pandemic pregnancy has just been so different like not having the regular checkups or going in for them, that I feel like I just thrown off and it’s also just feels like it’s going back really really fast.

Best moment this week! We have been celebrating Presley’s birthday because even though her birthday fell on a Wednesday, Adams mom coordinated a little birthday parade for her like we did for Landon on Sunday. It’s just so special to you know see their face light up and feel like they know how loved they are and I feel sad we didn’t get to have a girl birthday party for her, but I still decorated and all that she wanted a beauty and the beast theme party.

Missing anything? Not really besides I just wish the weather were better and I could go outside! It’s been super rainy and a few weekends ago now Adam and I did on our back patio is that set up and I feel like I haven’t even gotten out there to enjoy it after we set it up because then it ended up snowing the week after we set it up!

Food cravings! OK mashed potatoes were new this week. Last night for dinner I even made homemade meatloaf mashed potatoes. That’s like another reason I know that this baby is picked by my dad! So many other things you want or like some of my dad’s favorite foods! So I just feel like this baby is giving me lots of signs of life my dad picked I just sent him. w

Labor signs? I don’t have any labor signs yet but as far as symptoms go I do I just feel like my hormones are crazy and it’s funny ’cause last week it said that they sort of dipped down, but I feel like on an emotional level I feel more or emotional than ever! I notice my face I’m getting different kind of breakouts than I ever have gotten in the past like I feel like you can kind of see it like they’re like lower on my cheeks and they’re not real pimples they’re more like patches of redness or like patches of pimple that are like under my skin.

Best moment this week! It was really exciting I wrapped my first 12 week course over this week and it was just so amazing to see the journey that the women went on and some of them just shared you know their story of here’s where I was at when I started the course here’s why I’m after 12 weeks. The transformation and just their confidence and how they were feeling about their channels it was just really exciting to see them put all that hard work and see it come into fruition and just like know that this is just the starting point for them and their journeys on YouTube so that was a really great moment too.

Alright that is everything for this 13 week update and the end of my first trimester! Bye loves!

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