I am testing out some cleaning supplies that I bought off of Amazon! I decided I’m going to go through each item to show you what each product looks like and then test it out! We’ll find out together if these Amazon products actually work!

You can shop all of the items here:

Dusting Mitts

The first thing I’m so excited to try is these dusting mitts! They came in a pack of 5 and I thought the kids could even put them on when they want to help! I sprayed my surface spray right on each hand and started wiping everything down.

I feel a little clumsy when using them as they are a bit oversized, however, I can clean way faster with them on! And I do feel like they actually picked up quite a bit!

UV flashlight

If you have a dog like we do, I get a little nervous because she sleeps in the kids room and sometimes I smell pee. So I got this flashlight to see if there is pee on the floor, and if there is, we’re going to be doing some deep cleaning! I did find a few spots around the rooms that I was able to clean up! So I it definitely did work!

Flexible Scrubber

I used this little flexy brush to clean up some stains on the floors. I feel like it worked like any other scrub brush.

Lint remover

This is rechargeable and I tried it on a pillow first. There are two speeds since I felt like the pillow was pretty bad. And I feel like it was a bust, I don’t feel like it was actually sucking up any of the lint on the pillow! I tried it on a sweater as well and it did work a bit better. You can charge it with a USB so you could bring it with you while traveling.

Handheld Steamer

This comes with several different attachments so there’s so many different ways to use it. You can sanitize with it. I tried it on my pillows first and loved that I know that it’s sanitizing my pillows that are a bit too big to put in the wash! I actually ended up loving this!!

Lint trap brush

This brush is designed to fit all the way in your lint trap so that you can then pull out any of the extra lint! There’s so much that doesn’t catch in the trap so I pulled out a bunch!

Stovetop Items

I have new copper pots and pans, so I’m trying a few different products to see which I like best to help keep them clean! For the barkeepers friend first to clean the inside of my big pot and it ended up looking brand new! For the bottom of it, I tried the twinkle and don’t feel like it got rid of the marks, but it did shine up the outside! So I would choose the barkeeps friend for sure!

Microfiber cloths

I get asked all of the time which microfiber cloths I use and these are so soft!

Scrubbing Gloves

These are for scrubbing your dishes so you can just place dish soap right on your hand and then scrub away! I didn’t like these for a few reason. First, when rinsing the items I was still holding it with the dirty soapy glove. I also couldn’t get very far into some items so I would only get them for a quick clean with certain dishes.

Super Clean Gel

You can use this in your car vents or keyboard if you have a lot of dust or crumbs. I tried it in my car and it pulled all of the dust right off! This would be great to keep in your car whenever you need it!

Microfiber Window Cleaning Wand

This wand came with a few microfiber cloth and I used it to clean my windows and sliding glass door and I thought it was very efficient! I did think it might leave things looking a little streaky.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Brush

I wanted to give this one a try, I always use my Clorox wands, but this one has an extra long wand so I wanted to give it a shot! This one felt a little flimsy and doesn’t have the storage compared to the Clorox ones. But the wand is definitely longer and makes a bit of a difference! And it smells good!

Quick and Clean Keurig Pods

These are for your Keurig machine. I recently got a descaler to clean mine but I was curious to see how this worked! You just place it into the brewer and brew the largest cup size. I think it did clean but it’s only the pod section, versus the entire machine with an actual descaler.

If you want to see the full video where I try these all out, watch it here!

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