Hey loves this is my 23 week pregnancy update I missed last week.

Life has just been wild. I’ll catch you up on everything in this update. But right now I am 23 weeks and 2 days along. I feel like the bump looks huge.

I’m feeling baby kick in there and move in there like crazy and I actually there was a time last week. We’re laying in bed Adam and I we’ve been watching schitt’s Creek and baby, I don’t know what was happening in there like, I feel like theres gymnastics going on in there some nights, but it was like I could feel like it’s pushing so hard against like the left side that I was literally almost crying and in pain. I said to Adam I never remember feeling this with the other two that I remember feeling them move, I remember like when you get to a certain point, it just feels like you can tell they’re constricted in there. But I don’t feel like babies constricted right now. I feel like baby still is moving around a lot in there.

Total weight gain so far, I weighed myself today to make sure I could give you an accurate count, I am up 18 lb from the start of this pregnancy, which I know the little over where I’m supposed to be but I’m not really going to stress out about it because I know that I’ve been walking and doing what I should be doing to just try to be active50

I am definitely in maternity clothes. And as far as stretch marks go I haven’t noticed any yet, but it woul not surprise me cuz I feel like this pregnancy somebody even commented on a pregnant morning routine that I just posted like wow, you look so much bigger than me and like I’m a couple weeks pregnant along than your third pregnancy. I do just feel like I am bigger this pregnancy than what I looked like with Landon and Presley.

I’ve had a couple nights of pretty bad insomnia where I actually just need to go to sleep but I just stayed up till 1 or 2 in the morning. Honestly planning for things. I think I was up really late cuz I ordered everything that I need for my hospital bag with a couple of things came in the mail today including the hospital bag.

Food cravings. I want hot fudge really bad. I have a spoonful of it, well it’s cold, because I take it right out of the refrigerator and just have a

spoonful of it. But I am trying to eat really healthy. I’m glad my chicken aversion is gone. I’ve been able to I feel like now have more variety than what I’m cooking.

Gender guess, I have the entire pain felt like it is a boy, but I feel like if you watched when we did that gender like old wives tales and just I think more and more people are commenting that as they see the shape of my belly with the people who believe in like how your belly shape are saying it looks like I’m carrying a girl and I think the dream of my dad is.

Happy or moody. This week I felt just happier again. I feel like maybe it is because I’m a heart and planning really helps calm anxiety probably between planning the hospital bag and I had a team call this morning where we actually planned out all of my content till November like when baby is going to be here we gave us a couple weeks, but it just feels really nice to know. Okay, at least until whenever this baby comes we have an idea. 

Thank you so much for being here for the 23 week baby update and just for being so supportive and loving and caring on this pregnancy. It is just a wild time for all of us, and I’ve been struggling a lot and I know many of you have opened up and shared with me how you’re just struggling to.

I don’t think it’s over yet, but I’m just going to try to stay as positive as I can, but also be is real with you as I can about the struggles and challenges, and if you ever need a prayer, just let me know in the comments in both myself, and I know there’s many people in this community who will send a prayer your way and kind thoughts your way.

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