35 week pregnancy update

Hey loves! Welcome to my 35 week pregnancy update. It is crazy. We are under a month until little babes due date when I’m filming. This baby is due November 22nd, and I feel way bigger than 35 weeks. If I’m being honest just comparing to Landon and Presley’s pregnancies, I don’t know if it’s just cuz they were not small, but 7 pounds 5 ounces when they were born. So I feel like this baby is huge. 

Health updates that I just need to update you guys on so I’m just so uncomfortable, quite honestly. The itchiness has not gone anywhere. I am still so itchy all of the time. I’m not sleeping because of that. I have like the worst pregnancy and insomnia. Usually I’m up itchy until like around midnight and I’ll wake up itchy between 4 and 5. I’ll get up then cuz I just can’t fall back asleep and I try to get a little bit to work. I feel so bad cuz I’ve texted my team about work stuff. It will just be on my brain about stuff I have just not been able to sleep and then I end up usually crashing some point during the afternoon.

I am feeling tired, but obviously I’m still so excited cuz I cannot believe it’s under a month until a little babe’s due date and it is just really exciting to be like, we’re still close to finding out if this baby is a boy or a girl and sharing the official name all those fun things.

More on my health update, they did a round of blood work looking at a bunch of other stuff and both the dermatologist and the OB looked at everything and said the only thing that we can really draw the conclusion from this is that you have pregnancy puriago. Which are these they almost look like insect bite bites that are not insect bites there with these little tiny red dots all over.

I’m just I’m just thankful like baby is okay and it is just me that has to deal with itchiness and not sleeping. I guess until they said it should be like after delivery is usually when this clears up and goes away. 

At the 35 week appointment and tell you I’ve gained I’m at 153 right now. So I’ve gained 20 lb, which is pretty normal for my other two. I like had gained nearly 30 lb and the last few weeks lost a little bit out of nervousness.

He checked me and he said I am fingertip dilated not effaced at all yet. And I almost wish that he hadn’t checked me because then the two days afterwards I was so crampy. I started to have some like real contractions like not like ones I’ve had them before this pregnancy. I know it’s cuz he checked me that I had all the other cramps on top of it. Cuz I just don’t feel ready yet.

I feel like some moms get to this point and it’s like get this baby out I’m done. I still want a little bit of time with Landon and Presley and I feel like they’re just like a couple of other things that are like mental blocks to my to do list that I don’t need to get them done before babies here. I’d like to have Christmas decorated for before the baby’s here. Landon and Presley they’re at the age where just means so much to them. So I might just let me get that stuff up.

Hopefully next week I’ll ultrasound picture for you and don’t forget if your pregnant to share updates in the comments with us as well cuz I just I love this community so so so so much. Alright, see you next week! Bye loves!

You can see my full video update here!

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