37 week pregnancy update

Hey! This is the 37 week pregnancy update! It feels insane to be saying 37 weeks and knowing baby literally going to be here any day now! It is also November First when I’m filming this. The fact that it is baby’s due date month is also just like shocking trying to let it all sink in. I feel like that’s not happening anytime soon.

I stepped on the scale today I am almost 155 so that means I’ve gained nearly 30 lbs this pregnancy. Now what normally happens with my other pregnancies is these last few weeks. I like stay the same or lose a little bit of weight. More out of nerves. On The Bump app it was saying how diarrhea and nausea are really really common these last couple of weeks. Which so fun! Always TMI on these updates! I’m not incredibly nervous about Labor this time. I think I’m excited to find out what we are having like it actually is helping me be more optimistic about labor!

Health updates! As far as the itchiness goes. It’s still there. But I I feel like I’ve found a way to try to manage it as best as possible between oatmeal baths everyday I know we’re like super sexy over here with my oatmeal baths! I use the Aquaphor spray lotion, I like that and I was getting the squeezable one but that was just like harder to spread. ActuallyI like the spray a lot better in case you’re looking for a really good lotion. And I actually will say like my skin where I don’t have the bumps. It feels so soft and smooth like I love it. I put calamine lotion on any of like the new bumps and that seems to just sort of like help.

It’s never like full-on but that seems to be helping a lot and I’ve been taking Prilosec OTC for my heartburn and it took me It’s not completely gone away and it took me a while to adjust to it, but it made a hundred times better. So if you are having really bad heartburn in your pregnancy, I would highly recommend checking with your OB seeing if you can take Prilosec OTC that has helped heartburn a ton. I still do like take the Tums.

I feel like I’m just trying to cross everything off. My nesting list before baby gets here, which probably I just don’t see how it could all happen because even talk to you right now. You can hear I just I get so out of breath. I  feel so big and get so much more tired. Just imagine like trying to do your everyday chores which I have to do because of the kids and the house and then adding in like trying to decorate on top of it with like an extra 30 lb strapped to the front of you like it just makes your back hurt so much more and makes you breathe so much heavier. So pregnancy is so fun!

I’ve just been trying to listen to my body a lot and rest as much as possible because I didn’t really I don’t know. I think I am pretty hard on myself if I push myself to do a lot all of the time I think you know. God has always given me the gift of having a lot of energy and I’ve always just like channeled it and tried to get tons done and lately. My motto has just been do what you can and that’s good enough which it’s weird for me. It’s probably very good for me and good for my body. I don’t want to put anybody to the Max and have all these health issues like that was horrible.

I started on Christmas shopping. Just trying to get everything ready as much as I can before babe is here so that my other two kids. That’s what I had the most like Mom guilt around or like feelings around. I want Landon and Presley to still have a really enjoyable Christmas. 2020 has not been a very fun year and we haven’t gotten to do a lot of the things that we ordinarily would have been doing. So I just want Christmas to be really special for them still.

So I shared those gift guides if you want to check them out. I did like a gift guide for her, for him, for teachers cuz I just wanna make sure I spoil Landon’s teacher this year too cuz ugh its a crazy year.

I’m still not sleeping very good. I have been getting up a lot earlier and I think it’s probably a good thing to do to prepare for when the baby is here. I’m sure I will have a very strange sleeping hours and I’ve been taking some naps lately too. And I’ve been rocking out to Christmas music and just singing and talking to the baby at time and overall.

I think getting an ultrasound like was definitely reassuring just to know babe is good!

I’m not sure if I said that so right now the estimated little babes weight is 6 1/2 lb. They said they’re usually off like your margin of error is a pound up or a pound down. That feels like it would be on track to Landon and Presley because they’re both 7 pounds 5 oz. Landon was on his due date and Presley was two weeks late. So I was like, okay, maybe it is just how baby is placed in their likes. Baby still so high up that’s why I feel so much bigger.

I definitely had like contractions that hurt a little bit more. Nothing consistent enough to be like, labor is happening. So I will see you at my next update. Make sure to update me how you’re doing to in the comments below! See you later!

You can see the full update here!

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