38 week pregnancy update

Could this be the last pregnancy update for little babe!? I don’t know. This is my 38 week pregnancy update! But I’m so excited. I feel like either way at this point. I’m just kind of like I’m open to whatever happens, maybe that’s a little bit of a lie. Maybe I do want a little bit more and spend with Landon and Presley and Adam before our world is going to be completely rocked!

I can’t tell you. I like shrieked in pain a couple of times when I woke up. I’m I honestly took like a two and a half hour oatmeal bath last night again with how big and how far into my ribs this baby is! You know I always just tell you how it is. I swear if I’m not wearing a bra. We keep it like very sexual over here. Those oatmeal baths thanks to my pregnancy prurigo and the bumps on my legs that are itching me like crazy! I’m literally itching to have this baby at this point. But when I was sitting in the bathtub, I always notice it. I’m not wearing a bra that it’s like belly is in-between your boobs like you have belly in your cleavage.

38 weeks and three days today as I’m filming this. So we are totally in the home stretch. I had my OB appointment yesterday, which is why I was waiting to film this. Because I just wanted to give you like an update on what we talked about there.

At the 39 week appointment and we did set the induction date. Just so that I’m not as overdue as I was with Presley so I have that as an option. She did say like if we get to next week and you get checked and you’re not comfortable, we can put it off. So I feel like I’m just going to kind of see next week where I’m at if I’m dilated at all. I’ll probably move forward with the induction cuz I think I know that what I was with Presley. I was 3 cm dilated for a couple of weeks before I ended up having the induction with her.

Sleep is obviously still hard I wake up all of the time to either pee or itching or uncomfortable. So definitely preparing me for not having very much sleep once baby is here, which I’m just so excited.

I want to know so badly at this point like is this a boy or girl I showed the ultrasound pictures in last weeks. I can’t wait to hold you like I am just so excited. At the same time I just want to love on Landon and Presley so much cuz I look at them. I remember thinking when I had Presley Landon looked so big. I just looked at Landon and Presley right now and I like you’re still my babies but like you’re going to look so much bigger. It is just like a reminder like wow time is such a thief as a mama.

But this week Adam put the car seat into the car. So we now have a row of three car seats, which is just crazy to me and people always ask what kind of car do you have? We have a discovery. So it’s not like a huge SUV. It doesn’t have a third row. All three can fit in a row. The brand is called Diono, it’s a slimmer car seat.

Cravings? Cuz I feel like suddenly I’m much more hungry that I have been the last couple of months which is weird for me at this point because it I think I’ve said this in other updates. Usually the last couple weeks. It’s almost like I’m kind of nauseous or anxious and like nervous. So I feel like I didn’t eat much and all the sudden right now. Like I’m really really hungry especially late at night. I got out of the bath and I sat down to look up just a couple things I needed to check really fast in the computer and I was like, I want an apple right now so bad. So I had an apple like dipped in the caramel stop because those little cups of carmel and I don’t know what it was! It was like you need to eat something right now.

What else has been going on? I put my hospital bag in the car yesterday too! Just so that it’s in there. The other stuff I’ve done is sort of like pre-baby prep. I made a ton of freezer meals over this like last month. I do have a video with all the freezer meals like some freezer meal ideas on YouTube.

It’s funny when you reach this point you’re like I’m a ticking time bomb. If I go into labor at any minute, some of this stuff just isn’t going to get done. I’m trying to not feel the pressure. It’s like stuff that I can do to still keep me busy and keep my mind from getting nervous or anxious on having a baby at that makes sense.

So that’s kind of how I structure right to do with these days like these nice things that you can do if you have the time. They don’t need to get done before the baby is here.

Thank you for the prayers and being there for me and navigating through at the tough parts of this pregnancy! And a pandemic pregnancy together cuz I don’t think any of us expected this for 2020 and our pregnancies. So I’m sending you so much love.

Thank you again so much for being here, and maybe I’ll see you in 39 week pregnancy update! Bye loves!

You can watch the full update here!

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