4 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home


Happy St. Patrick's Day, loves! I hope you're finding all kinds of luck in this season as we inch closer and closer to Spring! It really does feel like we're all coming alive again. The stretch between Christmas and warmer weather seems so long. That's why making the most of every little holiday and reason to celebrate this time of year means so much.

I can remember my mom decorating for every holiday growing up, and making fun meals and afternoon snacks for us. Those bits of beauty in the mundane are truly what you remember most about your childhood. So if you're looking for easy ideas or new traditions to start with your family for St. Patrick's Day, I'm here to help!

St. Patrick's Day Snack Ideas For The Kids

Warning - these are fun snacks! Sugar-filled goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth. And there's nothing wrong with that! But if you're looking for something with a little less processed sugar, you might want to make a few modifications.

For example, pancake bake could be made just as easily without the cookies and with a variety of yummy fruits baked in or piled on top with fresh whipped cream! And if you really want to make it in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, chop up your fresh fruit and arrange it in a beautiful rainbow on top of your pancake bake! Fluffy whipped cream clouds on each end would be so cute!


The fastest way to turn any treat or snack into a fun St. Patrick's Day memory for the kids is to add Lucky Charms marshmallows. It doesn't take many to turn something ordinary into something magical. You can pick them out of a normal box of cereal, or buy the marshmallows on their own on Amazon!

Make St. Patrick's Day Beer Cheese Nachos

Don't worry, these are totally safe for the kids to eat since any alcohol is cooked out in the making of the beer cheese! This is a yummy side dish, a savory afternoon snack, or a great appetizer for having friends over on St. Patrick's Day. What's more Irish than potatoes and beer?

One of my followers left a comment letting me know that a local restaurant served pulled roast beef on theirs and I haven't been able to stop drooling over it since. If you try it that way, tag me on Instagram @bitsofbri so I can see how they turned out!

Decorate For St. Patrick's Day On A Budget

I tend to be a little bit extra when it comes to decorating for every holiday. Okay, probably more like a LOT extra. But I know not everyone loves the idea of packing up tons of decor to store after every single holiday. If you want to get your house in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day without having anything to pack away, you can use grocery store flowers and Dollar Tree table scatter to create this happy-go-lucky floral arrangement!


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