Hey loves! This is my six week pregnancy update for my third pregnancy. I am so excited to sit down and do this. I did videos for my second pregnancy with my little girl Presley and for my son Landon I answered all of these questions in a blog that I was like privately doing at the time. So it’s fun I think now in this third pregnancy to be able to look back on both of theirs and now do a pregnancy update for this little bambino or bambinos because I keep on having dreams that there’s multiples but we will see, I don’t have my first ultrasound for another two weeks so I’ll have to keep you guys updated after that.

Total weight gain: I have not gained any weight yet, but I’m starting this pregnancy at 125 pounds maternity clothes. I am not wearing any maternity clothes yet. Just mainly comfy sweats, which I feel like is what everybody is wearing right now. Being at home and not having anywhere to go. So good time to be pregnant when all I need to really wear is comfy clothes, stretchmarks, no stretchmarks yet. I didn’t get stretch marks with Landon or Presley and I did actually order on Amazon, some Palmer’s cocoa butter. I use that on my belly with both of my pregnancies with them from the beginning and didn’t get stretch marks. So I’m gonna try to do that again this round and just stay really hydrated too because hydration has so much to do with your skin elasticity and getting stretch marks.

How am I sleeping? I have been having really crazy dreams, like insanely vivid dreams that oftentimes are jarring and wake me up. They’re just very, very intense. I’m also very light sleeper too. So if my husband wakes up in the middle of the night, it wakes me up. I can’t get enough sleep at this point. I’ve definitely been taking some naps too. So call me the nap queen! 

Best moment this week. I would just say all of the family time that we are getting in, this is a blessing that we are at home, get to spend so much time with Landon and pricey because Lana was going to school and Prezi with either going to her school or going to my grandma’s for one or two days a week just so that I could be doing my work for my YouTube channel and my blog and my course that I do. So it is nice that I feel like God is saying like, Hey, spend some time with your family. Enjoy this extra time together and it is nice. I think just having the extra family time!

Missing anything:  Obviously apothic red, I just know that’s like my favorite thing at night honestly though like I don’t even want it. That’s like what’s so funny about pregnancy? It’s like the incident I knew, I don’t even want to touch it but I will definitely enjoy it once the baby is out.

Movement/no movement. The only thing I have felt is like I would say ligament pain or like pains in my lower abdomen. They don’t necessarily feel like, I guess maybe a little bit of a cramp but it feels like instead of like tight cramps, it more feels like stretching pain. So I can tell stuff is getting ready to grow down there. And Landon who took my five-week picture and he just took my six big picture today as well. I’m six weeks in, one day as I’m filming this. He even said, cause he looked at the last week one and he goes, mommy, your, your belly is growling already.

Food cravings. Yes, I’m going, gosh, anything that’s meat and cheese. I basically want bacon cheeseburgers. I want tacos, I want case ideas. I don’t want red sauce pizza. I don’t know. Maybe red sauce is a slight aversion that I’m having right now, but I want white sauce pizza. I made that one night this week and I want smoothies as well. I’m craving fresh fruit just so hard right now. Like I would totally be one of those women who would have sent Adam to the grocery store every day for a different type of fruit to make a type of smoothie or just cause I want fruit so badly right now.

Queasy or sick? Just if I don’t eat like I have to be having tons of little snacks all throughout the day. I have to be staying really, really hydrated and I feel like if I don’t have that, I know instantly, like you need something right now or I do get sick so a couple of times and I’ve open up from my naps, it’ll only be like two 33 o’clock in the afternoon and I will need to eat dinner. Right then. Like I make dinner then to eat it and everybody else eats later at like five and the normal time. But I need to eat my meal right then gender, but, if I had to pick right now, I definitely feel boy vibes. Like something just feels similar to Landon, but honestly I know it’s Presley before the gender reveal with her, I thought for sure it was a boy as well. It felt the same as Landon. So I don’t know. I think maybe all of my pregnancies are just similar.

What are you looking forward to? I think honestly the ultrasound, like I cannot wait to see the baby.

And I’m just looking forward to seeing this baby or babies because I’ve had so many vivid dreams of triplets. My son has been talking to me about it being triplets. He even says he’s like, it’s going to be two boys and a girl. I’m like, why? Like I don’t know. So we will see. I know people always ask whenever I mentioned the thing about multiples, do multiples run in our family and yes, my grandpa is a fraternal twin so like that would be passed down through my mom to me. So we’ll see. I don’t know!

I’m just so grateful to have you here. Thank you for watching this pregnancy update. I’m going to be doing them every single week and if you’re on this journey as well and let me know that in the comments. It’s always kind of nice to know other people who are pregnant with you. And that way, if I hear anything, you know from my doctors, especially with this being like a pandemic pregnancy, we can kind of be there for each other through this unknown and maybe squash as much of that anxiety together!

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