Hey loves! I’m here today with my 9 week pregnancy update! Which is so crazy to be in my third month of pregnancy! Time is flying but the days feel really long right now! Little babe is the size of a black cherry according to my pregnancy app, so growing in there for sure. I’m definitely growing myself, I’ve gained 5 pounds this pregnancy and it’s totally because of my cravings. I have so many cravings for things not so healthy! Like bacon on my pizza, bacon on my cheeseburger and a cheesy gordita crunch. 

This week I have not been able to sleep! My pregnancy pillow actually just got here so I’m hoping that will help! But I’ve just been having the craziest dreams!! They’re either super vivid or scary and they wake me up and then I can’t fall back asleep. I’ve been having recurring dreams of snakes and they are SO scary! Pregnancy dreams are just so weird. I’d love to know what kind of dreams you had during your pregnancy!

The best moment this week was celebrating Landon’s 5th birthday! We watched my labor and delivery story with him. I love doing these updates because I swear I would never remember what happened week to week, even labor and delivery is a blur! 

Movement: I was in the bath last week and I’m only 9 weeks so I’m going to chalk it up to something else in my stomach but I felt it lower than my belly button. It was almost like something flicked. It was weird! 

My food cravings, like I mentioned earlier, are meats, cheese, black olives, and fruit. Today I really wanted those school lunch peaches that are in the juice. 

A lot of things are making me quesy or sick. I’ll change our meal plan a lot because somedays I’ll just be like “no I don’t want that for dinner we’re making something else!” And it usually ends up being a bacon cheeseburger!

Gender guess: still a boy! I think i’ve said that every update so far. 

The weirdest symptom I’ve had this week is hair growth! I’ll take a shower in the morning and shave, and by the evening it looks like i Haven’t shaved in three days! I also have extensions that are sewn in, so I can tell how much my hair has grown out, and it’s a lot!! My hair has grown crazy crazy fast!

I’ve been pretty happy, just tired! So I wouldn’t say moody since I’m generally happy. I just find myself being a little grump because I am SO tired, but overall happy! I really love being pregnant. It’s so special and I am so looking forward to growing our family! It’s such a blessing and I’m so happy. 

Thank you so much for being here for my weekly updates! See you next week!

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