Hey loves! I’m sharing after dark clean with me, where I’m sharing with you my summer cleaning routine after I put my kids to bed. Is anyone else feeling the same way, that you just want to enjoy the nice weather so you’re not staying in to clean during the day? That’s me for sure! I hope that this helps you figure out a weekly cleaning routine so that you can enjoy the nice summer weather. Let’s get to cleaning!


I usually do this once a week so that our bathrooms get a deep clean, I started in our master bathroom and cleaned the mirrors, sinks and counters. Then I disinfect the toilet and scrub the shower. We have a glass door on our shower, so I clean that as well. Then I’ll scrub down our bathtub.


In our bedroom I’ll do a quick tidy up. Then I’ll change our sheets which I try to do at least once a week as well, nothing better than going to bed with clean sheets. Once that’s done I’ll dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. I’ve been using the Caldrea agave cleaner lately, and I love it for summer.


Once upstairs is done, I’ll head downstairs to do a clean-up. I’ll do a little reset of the living room, by dusting the knickknacks, vacuum the couch and floors so that it’s all neat and tidy. I love waking up to a clean house, it’s such a good start to my day! I’ll wipe down the coffee table and tidy up any of the kids toys.


For the kitchen clean up I’ll wipe down the dining table, counters and appliances. I swear I cannot go to sleep if I have a messy kitchen! I clean and put away any dishes too.  I usually try to do a good scrub of the sink after all of the dishes are put away!

Once everything is put away in the kitchen, I sweep and clean the floors so that everything is neat and clean for the next day! 

I hope this helps you figure your cleaning routine while still enjoying the summer days! Sending you so much love!


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