I’m sharing with you my health and Wellness routine and I’m so excited! I know we’ve all been staying at home and it just ever so important today to have a healthy mind, body, spirit, soul, all the things! I hope that you can do this daily health and Wellness routine with me so that we can stay home and stay healthy together. I have a free health and wellness checklist printable so if you’re looking for a way to stay on top of this, just sign up with your email for my newsletter and I will send it to you! 

First thing in the morning I try to chug water right away. It’s so important for your body to be hydrated, especially after sleeping all night and since I am in my third month of pregnancy now! It’s so crazy how fast it’s going and I need more water than even normal so I drink some right away. I also make the bed just so I feel more tidy and accomplished first thing in the morning, it’s so good for your mental health. I also take my prenatal vitamins right when I wake up so that I don’t forget about them. Even though we’re staying home and not going anywhere I think it’s still important to get ready each day. I use this time to put out a motivational podcast so I start my morning by washing my face, brushing my teeth, all the healthy good hygiene stuff. I’ve been making sure that I’m using as natural products as possible, especially being pregnant. That’s really important to me right now more than ever. I still get dressed, still do my hair and makeup pretty much every day. It just feels comforting to have a routine and makes me feel confident and more normal in a time that feels so abnormal and that’s really important to maintaining my mental health having a routine. 

Once I’m dressed and ready for the day I’ll head downstairs to make coffee take my supplements and make my breakfast I suffered from really horrible invited last year when my dad was on hospice I would get such bad heart palpitations that I actually went to the doctor to get my heart checked because I thought I was having some kind of heart problem but I cut out my caffeine and I actually am caffeine free right now and it has made such a dramatic difference in my health. Then I take my vitamins and supplements I take every single day so I take my prenatal vitamins and I do an elderberry there’s like 3 grams a day for community support and I take a probiotic prebiotic and also take a vitamin D supplement. Everyday for breakfast I try to make something that has protein and fruit, so either a smoothie or lately peanut butter banana toast has been helping me a lot because I’ll have a little bit of nausea if i’m not eating regularly throughout the day and this seems to stick to my tummy and make me feel a lot better. 

After my breakfast is made I’ll sit down and make my plan for the day. I have a free daily productivity printable as well. This just helps me to get organized for what I’m cooking that day, what’s on the do list, things that I have to do for Landon and Presley’s home school and honestly if I have a plan, that is so much better for my mental health. I function so much better when I know what is coming up, so this will help me have a better day overall.

While I’m working I try to be cognizant of my posture if I’m doing any work during nap time where I might be able to work for an hour or so, I try to also stand up every 15 to 20 minutes, stretch, or get more water,  just so my body isn’t sedentary for too long. Another part of daily health and wellness for me is to reflect on the things that are working really well here, how I can repeat those sort of leverages your strengths and progress. Things aren’t working and figure out ways if I can cut those things out or do them differently. whatever you can do to sort of ease any of that mental tension you might have. If there is something that you’re just not liking to do or is there something that is just becoming increasingly difficult again you want to try to make decisions to limit the amount of stress that you’re under right now. 

I’ll go to my You Version Bible app everyday to read my daily devotional in the daily Bible verse. When it comes to health and Wellness I see such a connection between my spirituality to mental health when my anxiety that I mentioned earlier was at its worst I was the most disconnected to God so I’ve realized that it’s a big part of my mental health and overall Wellness to stay strong in my relationship with Jesus. It’s also refreshing just to have some quiet time to reflect, there’s so much going on in life and relationships right now and it always makes me think about how I can make the most of my time here on earth.

A couple of other things that I think are just so important right now is to cut out the negative whether that means that there are people you need to unfollow or you need to set up blocks. If it is giving you anxiety or if it’s making people upset because that impacts your immunity. One thing that helps me stay really positive I do see something upsetting on the news or on social media, I go to my motivational quotes or on Pinterest. I just read the verses and quotes and affirmations on there and it always makes me feel better. If you’re not saying affirmations to yourself everyday in the mirror and I want to give it a try, I like writing my affirmations on post its so every time I look in the mirror I see them and can say them. It seriously gives your energy and spirit such a positive boost

I try to ride the exercise bike for 45 minutes to an hour a day. Definitely try to get in 30 minutes of exercise a day right now if you’re not. It’s so good for getting your blood pumping, whether it’s cardio, dancing, walking, lifting weights, yoga, stretching. It’s so good for your overall health and wellness. Pay attention to what you’re eating as well. If you can get fresh produce try to eat as colorful and healthy of fruits and vegetables.

Try to carve out at least an hour of time for you to do something you love or self care. Whatever you need to do to get your mind off of everything and that you feel fulfilled your gas tank is getting refilled. You’ve got to do that for yourself during this time that’s so important to your health and wellness right now! I’m also a very social person friendship really matters to me. So make sure you check in on your friends and family at this time text or call every once in awhile can make a huge difference to someone that feeling lonely having a hard mental health day. It’s also good for you to feel connected that is so important to your hearts and souls and mental health. 

I hope these tips help you stay home and stay healthy. I’m sending you so much love and a big virtual hug!

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