Christmas Decor Home Tour 2022

Merry Christmas, loves! I heard someone put it so perfectly the other day – Thanksgiving is a day. Christmas is a season. I’m so glad that we decorate and start celebrating this season earlier because it lets me slow down and soak in every part of it with my family. The decor is just the backdrop to what this season is all about. And this year, our home feels so warm and inviting. We are incredibly lucky to be (finally) enjoying some long awaited renovations, including new floors and fresh paint. We are healthy. We are happy. So, on top of Jesus’ birthday, we have more than enough to celebrate. Let’s let the festivities begin!

I hope you enjoy this house tour and all the effort that went into this year’s Christmas decorations. This is truly a labor of love. Now, the labor part is over, and I’m soaking in movie night on the couch with my babies with the Christmas tree lit and candles lit. Everything just feels so right. And I’m so glad you’re all part of this community to share it with me!

Family Room Christmas Decor

I’ve always done a traditional red Christmas in our home. But with fresh bright white paint on the fireplace, lighter hardwoods to bounce around light, and a little more white in the decor, everything just feels so much more light and airy. There’s just a new feeling in our home right now that I can’t put into words. I’m in love with the way everything feels right now!

I do hope that we are able to get a real tree in here when the time comes. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions to share with the kids!

Traditional Red Christmas Decor in the Kitchen

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard the ornament saga a few times – we stayed in our Hawaii home for Christmas last year, and the kids made so many ornaments and keepsakes that were so precious to me. In a terrible mistake, they got left behind and were donated to Goodwill. And even though so many kind souls have helped me check stores to see if anything turned up, nothing ever did.

I was heartbroken. Then I came home to the sweetest surprise – a box of custom keepsake ornaments and decor from Sweet Hometown Co. Not only did they make all of the Candy Cane Lane decor and the “Cookie Crew” sign, but they also included the most thoughtful ornaments to commemorate our time in Hawaii. It was such a thoughtful gesture. They aren’t a sponsored brand or anything like that, just a small business who clearly cares deeply for their customers and takes the time to make the most special keepsakes. It would mean the world to me if you could support them this holiday season. They certainly deserve it!

Foyer Entryway Christmas Decor

For any products that weren’t listed under the pictures above, watch the Christmas Clean and Decorate With Me Part 1 below! A lot of the items weren’t available online or were purchased in previous years, but I did my best to share where everything was purchased and where you might be able to find something similar. Merry Christmas, loves!

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