Hey loves! I’m sharing how to clean AND disinfect your home! Yes, those are two different things! Cleaning means to wipe away germs off of a surface, while disinfecting is killing the germs sitting on the surface. If you really want to prevent the spread of illness, you need to do both! I hope this video helps you to stay calm and in control of the situation in your home.

Clean first, disinfect second. Use a multi surface cleaner and then something like lysol or clorox. Make sure you read the labels and NEVER mix bleach with other cleaners, only water. 

Consider how you come into your home, since viruses may last hours to days on surfaces or clothing. Instead of walking into the house and taking of your shoes and jacket. Set up a disinfecting station right at your front door. Wipe off your shoes, purse, phone, glasses, anything that you’ve touched with your hands before you set it down in your home. Wash your clothing with bleach or lysol laundry sanitizer and at the highest temp setting to kill germs. Then make sure you wash your hands!! 

Handwashing hack: Draw a little star with a pen on your kiddos hand to make sure they know the proper time that they need to wash their hands. Then they know to keep washing until the star is gone! My kiddos loved doing this! 

Disinfect bathroom:  This should be disinfected after every use if anyone in your home has an illness, has been out in public, or if any guest is in your home. Wipe down the entire toilet top to bottom, and the floor around it. I use gloves, disinfecting wipes and the clorox toilet wand and I love these wands because you can often times use them to disinfect your sink or shower if needed! Just make sure you read the directions! Wipe down you’re wiping down all around the sink, the handle, the bowl, the countertops, everything, so that they are free of germs! 

Don’t forget your doorknobs and light switches around your home. I use wipes but you can use an at home bleach mix to disinfect any high touch hard surface areas. Make sure you wear gloves when cleaning up around your home especially if anyone in your home has an illness. 

DIY bleach disinfectant: 

2 cups water

¼ teaspoon disinfecting bleach
*I add to a glass bottle 

To clean my table and counters I use my vinegar multi surface cleaner, but to actually disinfect, I use the lysol all purpose cleaner. Ensure you read labels and leave for two minutes for it to truly disinfect.

Disinfecting your electronics: 

Your electronics are full of germs and you’re touching it all day and holding it near your face. It’s important here too to clean before disinfecting. I used windex electronic wipes and clorox disinfecting wipes. 

Open windows, even if it is cold, get the stale air out and get some fresh air into your home. Also change pillow cases daily and wash your sheets every few days or as often as needed. Wash and replace your hand and face towels daily as well. Always wash those with bleach and the highest temp. 

Disinfect your hampers and trash bins too! If you have kiddos that are sick, wash their stuffed animals and blankets also with bleach and highest temp to kill any germs that might be on them. 

When it comes to your floors, I love using my bissell steam mop. The high temperature steam kills germs and bacteria on the floor. 

Those are all of my tips for how to clean, sanitize and disinfect! I hope this helps you and I’m sending you so much love!!

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