Hey loves! We are only one week away from Christmas!! The holiday season has felt crazy over here. Today we are tackling a ton of stuff on my to do list. I had to change bedsheets, laundry, tidy up and straighten up around the house. I also wanted to sweep floors, cook, and clean the kitchen and floors!

This week was stressful as Adam was out of town, so thank goodness for Blue Apron. They make it so easy and alleviate the stress of meal planning. First 50 people to sign up will get $60 off over their first 3 weeks of Blue Apron to help with meal planning stress!

This is perfect if you’re trying to go into the new year with less stress!

I changed all of the sheets on our beds as I try to do this once a week. Next I threw in some laundry, I always try to stay on top of my laundry, but I never quite feel like I can! 

Then I do a tidyup of the downstairs so the family room looks nice and neat. Since I can see this space during dinner, I just love when it’s tidy so I feel more at peace and less stressed. 

Grab your vacuum and let’s clean the floors! And now it’s time again to fold the laundry, if you have some laundry that’s been hanging out in your dryer, go get it and let’s fold it together! 

Once the kiddos and I eat dinner and I put them to bed, I tackle the dishes. I also did a scrub of the kitchen sink so it was nice and clean. I also I wipe down the countertops and appliances. Especially my stovetop after cooking! 

I did a quick sweep of the floor to pick up all of the crumbs from dinner and cooking. Then I use my steam mop, and it is seriously the best when you can wake up to perfectly clean floors in the morning! Does anyone else feel this way?!

I hope this video helps you get stuff done around your home and relieve some stress! 

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