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I’m sharing the behind the scenes of what a youtuber does behind the scenes and does for their business. These are my two working mom days so I can share with you what I do when I’m working on my business! 

Once I get myself and the kiddos ready for school, I’ll start to get some work done. Things from  video description, tags, thumbnail, etc. are some of the behind the scenes of the YouTube and blogging world that we put thought into before posting a video.

I try to get in as much work as possible when the kiddos are out of the house so when they are home, I can be in full mom mode. I’ll share a post on instagram, and i’ll add links to everything we’re wearing or using in the Like to Know It app. Then if a video is going live, I’ll usually spend the first hour or so replying to your comments!

I also try to get ahead of the game and will start planning my videos and posts, I will brain dump all of my ideas for the next couple of months. I have a bunch of exciting holiday content coming as well so stay tuned for those! I try to be as organized as I can so that I can enjoy the holidays and have as little stress as possible for me and my team. 

The last thing on my to-do list this day was cleaning my office. I got some new outfits for the kids and I had to organize them for thanksgiving and christmas to photos and posts that I will be working on. I lay everything out with post its so I can visually see what everything is for and see if the brother/sister combos will work!

Another thing we do is taking photos for instagram or the blog! Either Adam if he is available will snap a few, or my friend Molly who is a photographer takes the best photos for us. A tip for planning instagram is the app Plann. I like having all of my pictures having the same filter and I like my feed to look balanced so I use Plann to make sure everything looks good together!

Then I will spend the rest of the day running errands, filming, cleaning or cooking dinner. Whatever needs to get done!

I hope you found this video helpful and enjoying seeing a glimpse into my life! I tried to share some behind the scenes that I wanted to know when I first started my channel and blog! I am so thankful for you guys and whatever videos you watch or buy merch from my Etsy shop, however you are supporting it means so much to me because I get to do a job that I truly love. 


Brianna K xoxo

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  1. Cindy Bajc says:

    Love your hard work and genuine messages

  2. Sindy says:

    Love you!

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