Hey loves! Today I’m tacking our bedrooms to do a deep cleaning as a part of my Spring Cleaning checklist! Sign up for my newsletter and I will send you the spring cleaning checklist for free! 

I started this cleaning in my daughter Presley’s room. I took everything out of her dresser and closet because there were so many things that didn’t fit her anymore, kids grow way too fast! Once I got everything out and organized, I folded and put back the things that will still fit her. Then I did the same thing in Landon’s closet and dresser. It feels so good to have their clothes organized and know that everything in there is their current size and appropriate for the season!

I also had to clean our master bedroom. I made the bed and did a quick tidy of our nightstands and wiped everything down as well. Then it was my turn to clean out our dresser. I folded our dresser clothes konmari style for this spring cleaning and it seriously saves so much space! I did a major declutter of our master closet as well. There were quite a few things I decided to get rid of/sell/donate! 

Once I got through all of that I gave the rooms a good vacuum and took out trash! I then started to take down all of our valentines day decor and to get ready for the spring decor!! 

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