Hey loves! For today’s meal plan and meal prep with me video I have six meal ideas for you there are healthy and very affordable they’re under $60.00 so $10 a meal! I cannot wait to share them with you but we’re going to get started with meal planning first! This meal plan I came up with, you can get my meal planner printable for free if you head over to my website!

My meal plan for the week:

  • I’m going to do pasta on Sunday
  • Breakfast for dinner Monday
  • Taco night Tuesday bacon
  • Broccoli Mac for Wednesdays dinner
  • Nachos on Thursday
  • Friday and Saturday are take out but I’m also gonna share a parfair recipe with you too!

Grocery haul

Kodiak pancakes and bacon

white cheddar shells the annies brand and a bag of broccoli florets

For the nachos I’m going to be doing a black bean style Nacho because I need to watch my iron levels this pregnancy so I have a can of black beans I got some of the thrive organic salsa and then these thrive tortilla chips and I have a bag cheddar asadero cheese but you could get any Mexican haircut or style cheese if you like Colby cheese and half for the nachos

for the tacos I got these grain free Taco shells from thrive and this Southwest Taco simmer sauce that I’m going to use with these chicken breast tenders that I got so will be chicken tacos

For the parfaits I love these they’re just so easy and filling. I got this grain free granola in the vanilla cinnayum and strawberries and this honey and cream Greek yogurt tastes so good!

The final meal I got this organic bow tie pasta and they had this Sicilian gravy so I got a jar of that and I got some ground beef so I’ll make it a really hearty meat sauce.

 These are all groceries that you need an under $60.00 so super affordable in all really healthy options a lot of organic options in there too!

Pasta with meat sauce

  • Brown beef and add sauce
  • Once pasta is done cooking, add to serving dish
  • Top with red sauce
  • Stir to coat noodles with sauce
  • Optional: Top with cheese and chopped herbs

Chicken Tacos

  • Once chicken is browned, shred
  • Add back to pan with taco sauce to simmer
  • Simmer on low for 5-10 minutes
  • Fill taco shells with chicken

Chicken Nachos

  • Spread tortilla chips on plate or pan
  • Top with chicken (from taco meat!)
  • Sprinkle black beans on top
  • Cover with salsa
  • Top with cheese
  • Pop in microwave or oven to melt cheese
  • Add onion, sour cream, black olives or whatever you like

Breakfast for dinner


  • Cup of mix for every cup of milk
  • Mix and make pancakes on griddle
  • Serve with bacon

Broccoli & bacon mac and cheese

  • Make mac and cheese as directed on box
  • Make broccoli
  • Add to pot and sprinkle with crumbled bacon

Yogurt Parfait

  • Scoop of yogurt into a mason jar
  • Strawberry slices
  • Layer with more yogurt
  • Add in granola
  • Layer in more yogurt and strawberries
  • Continue layering as you please

10 tips for meal prepping on budget

  1. Make meatless dishes
  2. Do a pantry and fridge inventory
  3. Keep your pantry and fridge organized
  4. Find meals with less ingredients
  5. Freeze leftovers
  6. Shop sale items
  7. Buy product in season and freeze
  8. Use frozen fruits and veggies when possible
  9. Get proper storage containers
  10. Designate 1 day of the week for meal planning and prep

I hope these tips helped you and you enjoy these meal prep ideas! Sending you so much love!


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