Extreme Cleaning Motivation with Dollar Tree Products

I don’t know about you but every time I go into Dollar Tree I always wonder if the cleaning supplies are worth the dollar! If they are a really good deal or not, so I spent a day cleaning with them and I’ll be sure to let you know the ones that I think are absolutely worth a dollar! I hope you get tons of cleaning motivation!

For this oven cleaner, they suggest to wear gloves and a mask and being that I am pregnant right now, I’m definitely making sure my mask is on before I test out is heavy duty oven cleaner! The smell was very hard to handle, but I do think it did a really good job! A majority of it is gone. It really did leave the oven very shiny!

I always read labels especially on cleaning products and on disinfectants because a lot of people don’t realize, it will clean but if you wipe it up right away, it won’t actually disinfect unless you leave it sitting on a surface for however long directions say. So these say to truly disinfect let it sit for 10 minutes! After 10 minutes wipe with cloth or sponge.

I used this orange Dollar Tree furniture Polish for this wood table in the kitchen. It says to shake well, spray and then wipe immediately. I feel like it did make it really shining and it smells good like orange!

I also found a knock off Swiffer duster, it picked up a ton of dirt and it actually came up two of these white heads so for a dollar I feel like I’m really good deal!

For the bathroom products, I would say there were two that I really liked, and two that were not so great. The foaming cleaner was great and it turned from blue to white so I knew when it was clean and it did really leave the sink nice and clean and got rid of some of the build up. The glass cleaner also did a great job and didn’t leave any streaks, totally worth a buck!

Another find I thought was great was a mop to do the hardwood floors, total it was $3 since you had to buy the handle, the mop head, and the removable pads. I used the Fabuloso cleaner with water and used it on the living room and kitchen floors. Verdict, the mop pad was dirty and the house smells really clean!

I did notice all of the dollars trees cleaning products, I feel like this scent is very strong. They are a lot more pungent than a lot of the natural cleaners. They do smell OK but they are harsher!

The entire house is not clean it all smells really clean so all the product like I mentioned definitely make house not very clean! I do love that I found a couple of products that I found for only a dollar! The Swiffer knock off is totally a win, and the glass cleaner 100% worth it!

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