Hey loves! I am bringing you some extreme garage organization inspiration today! Our garage was looking a little rough and I’m so excited with how this turned out, the before and afters were amazing!

You can shop all of the items I used here:

Adam and his sweet mom helped get our garage cleaned and organized. On day one they started by going through everything we had and throwing out anything we didn’t use or need, and then wiping down all of the shelves. They swept and mopped the garage floors and even that made a huge difference!

On day two, after the garage had been cleaned and bleached, I started organizing everything! The first thing I did was start organizing everything by category and take an inventory. That way I can group everything by how I think it should be organized, and be able to asses how much I have and therefor how I can go about organizing it better.

I cleared off the shelves and put the new bins in, cleared our peg boards and put things like bikes and strollers together, tools and decor into piles to get it organized!

My advice to you would be hang as much as you can! It saves so much more space, especially with things you know you’re not using every single day!

I grouped the tools together and then hung them on a peg board, and put some random miscellaneous or smaller pieces into the hanging shelves underneath the board.

I got a ton of new baskets and tubs for the shelves and I labeled all of them. You can get your labels on my site here!

The big reveal! The before and afters made my heart so happy! It just felt so nice to have it all organized and so clean.

I made a “sports section” with things the kids can just grab and play with in the front yard, a golf organizer to hold our gear, and in a tub I put more sports stuff and swimming inflatables and I put together a ball carrier as well. For the peg board, I made it a sports wall with gloves, balls, yard dice, jenga, croquet, and rackets.

I organized and labeled the shelf that has all of the cleaners, yard and garden products, pest control, etc!

My favorite area of the garage is definitely the shelves that are organized with bins and labeled! It was so nice to categorize anything and did an inventory so that we can know what exactly is in each bin!

I hope this gave you tons of cleaning motivation to organize your garage!

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