This video is a get it all done where i’m sharing some recipes, decorating for Thanksgiving, cleaning up the house and i’m sharing some home making hacks as well. I’m also doing a little black friday shopping and sharing some great deals!

We are doing all of the things in this video! I was out of town for work this wekk, so when I got home the laundry was out of control! I get some laundry going and tidy up the kids room. I’ll then clean up the kitchen so I have a clean area to start planning or cooking and putting away some groceries. 

I went through my recipes and wrote down everything I need to get from the grocery store, did a quick inventory of what was already in the fridge since I had a few extra things from Friendsgiving. I’ll then plan for the meal planning, and how long i’ll need to prepare the turkey. 

I also planned out my entire week. The kiddos are going to Grandma’s on Wednesday so I can start doing a lot of the prep. Brine the turkey, do the casseroles and sauce, and do a deep clean around the house. Thursday I’ll do the rest of the food and cleaning, and I’ll plan and time it all out. I backwards plan everything to make sure I have everything done before everyone arrives!

A few homemaker hacks for you! 

  • I always take out the trash before guests arrive, that way it isn’t overflowing and your house smells good.
  • Order some meal prep containers for your guests to take home leftovers. 
  • Make space on hooks or in your entry way closet for guests to hang their coats when they arrive.
  • Light your candles one hour before guests arrive.
  • Make sure there is plenty of soap and hand towels for your guests. 
  • Re-stock the toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • Make a drink station with water and juice or meal for the kiddos so guests can help themselves!
  • Add a drop of essential oil to your vacuum filter.
  • Clear dishwasher before guests arrive.

I hope this get it all done and homemaker hacks help you get ready for Thanksgiving!


Brianna K


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