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So excited to share 2020 gift guides with you! I’ve started shopping early this year since shipping times are taking a bit longer, and since little babe’s arrival could be any day- I wanted to prepare a little bit earlier. So I wanted to share with you a bunch of the gifts that I’ve gotten. This is my gift guide for baby. These are great gifts for newborns to one year olds- all tested and loved by my kiddos that we will be gifting to little babe.

  1. Wooden Letter and Number Puzzles- these are such a great investment, as they can really grow with your babies through preschool and elementary school. Especially since we’ve been doing so much more school at home and homeschool preschool with Presley, we’ve used our letter and number puzzles since they were babies.
  2. Wooden Blocks- these are also a great toy that last through the ages. My son Landon still likes to play with his blocks and he’s 5- so it’s a great gift that babies will use for years!
  3. Stackable cups- these are a great way to increase fine motor skills for your baby, and it helps them to learn cause and effect by stacking them and knocking them over. Both Landon and Presley loved playing with their set like this!
  4. Wooden Name Puzzle- I love this as a gift since it can be personalized, and we have one for both Landon and Presley, and I ordered one already for the new baby because they’re so helpful in teaching your little one how to spell his/her name!
  5. Bath Tub Tubes- We got these for Landon and both of our kids still play with them every time they take a bath! They love sticking them to the bath walls in different patterns and watching the water fall through them and turn the wheels.
  6. Wrist and Ankle rattles- If you have an infant and you’re not sure what to get them, these are sure to be a hit! Both my babies loved when I’d put these on them, as it encourages them to move and they get so happy hearing the sounds they make!
  7. Coffee teether- First, the shape of this is just adorable, and every single kiddo needs a couple different teethers!
  8. Link Rings- these are so helpful for babies because whether they’re in the stroller, car seat, or hanging out on the floor in an activity gym, these rings can be used to attach their rattles, stuffed animals, teethers, and toys!
  9. Bath Numbers + Letters- we love these foam letters for in the bath tub to spell words and names and practice counting. Gives you another opportunity to do some quick learning activities.
  10. Gender Neutral Baby Gym- I am obsessed with this play gym! Since we’re not finding out the gender of our baby, the color of this one is absolutely perfect and it is so soft! From the time our babies were born, we would always lay them down on the floor gym for a little bit of play time to encourage them to start reaching an grabbing for objects, and to practice tummy time and rolling over after a couple of months, so this is the perfect play gym for little babe!
  11. Mega Blocks- Another gift that lasts for ages, these blocks are great because your baby will play with them through childhood. They’re great for teaching colors, and my best friend Deena (an early childhood education expert over on even uses them to teach spelling by sticking letter stickers on the blocks to teach sight words, so they’re a great investment!
  12. Exersaucer- This is a great gift for a little one who isn’t standing or walking yet to build up their leg strength and have some fun play time. Our kids always loved being able to bounce around and press buttons and see all the different cause and effects!
  13. Kick and Play Piano Gym- this is one of my favorites! Both my babies loved this from about a month old- it gives them play time and teaches them to reach and grab for the objects hanging over head, but also encourages them to move their legs because they play music when they kick the piano. They were always all smiles every single time they’d play with this toy, so I highly recommend it for any baby!

I have some other gift guide blog posts that include some past gifts that our mine or my kids absolute favorites, so you know what you’re getting is high quality and worth it! I hope it helps you figure out what to put on your holiday shopping list for everyone on your list! My son Landon is 5 and my daughter Presley is 3, so these are great gifts they have loved from age 2 and up! Hope it helps you come up with ideas for your kiddos.

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Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays,

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