So excited to share 2020 gift guides with you! I’ve started shopping early this year since shipping times are taking a bit longer, and since little babe’s arrival could be any day- I wanted to prepare a little bit earlier. So I wanted to share with you a bunch of the gifts that I’ve gotten. I have also included some past gifts that our mine or my kids absolute favorites, so you know what you’re getting is high quality and worth it! I hope it helps you figure out what to put on your holiday shopping list for everyone on your list!

Here is everything on the list in this gift guide for her

  1. Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas- I own a couple of pairs of these, and there are not any pajamas softer and better quality than these! They hold up in the wash and stay super soft. I love putting them on before I go to bed, and I just love how there are so many print options for these too! You’re sure to find a color or print for anyone on your list.
  2. Barefoot Dreams Socks- similar to the pajamas, these are the softest socks I own! They are so comfy and cozy- perfect for anyone on your list too without having to over stress about size!
  3. Cuffed Beanie with Faux Fur Pom- I love this cute hat for winter! Keeps you warm and I love the chunky knit with the fur pom, especially in the cream color so it goes with anything!
  4. Steve Madden fur slides- If you watch my YouTube videos, you know I love good house shoes, and these are adorable! Not only are they comfy for your feet with good arch support, but they have the soft fur and come in a neutral color so they’ll go with anything you’re wearing!
  5. Rachel Parcel slippers- If I’m not wearing house shoes, I’ve got slippers on. These Rachel Parcel ones are so soft- I was gifted a pair last year, and they are one of the best slippers I’ve ever had, so I had to recommend!
  6. Where the Crawdad Sings- I read this book over the summer, and I couldn’t put it down. I was up past 1 am reading it (paid for it dearly the next day, as I’m pregnant with two kids lol). I loaned it to GG to read, and she wrote me an email saying it was one of the best books she’s read, and she is an avid reader. Definitely a great book filled with imagery and an interesting plot line that anyone and any age on your list will enjoy!
  7. Little Words Bracelets- I love these bracelets! They come in a ton of colors with different words of empowerment on them, so you’re sure to be able to find one that fits who you’re gifting!
  8. KitchenAid Mixer- I absolutely LOVE my KitchenAid Mixer, and it has been a part of so many baking days and making special family recipes with my kids, so if you have someone on your list who loves to cook and bake, this is an amazing gift that will last for years!
  9. Dyson Vacuum- If you watch my YouTube channel, you know I clean my home a lot. After so many viewers commented that I need a Dyson, I splurged and it was the best decision ever! I hope you treat yourself, or make someone’s Christmas if you gift them a Dyson!
  10. Bissel Steam Mop- Speaking of cleaning, I love this steam mop! As a mom who’s been potty training, and just trying to keep things extra clean these days, this mop is amazing. You don’t need any sort of cleaning solution, but since it uses steam, it will sanitize your floors. A good gift for anyone on your list these days!
  11. Custom Letter Necklace- I love supporting small shops, and this necklace is an Etsy find! I love the fact that you can personalize this necklace too!
  12. Luxie Face Complexion + Eye Essential Brush Set- If there’s anyone who loves makeup on your list, these are a great gift. I feel like I’m always overdue to replace my makeup brushes, and I love the color of this set!
  13. T3 SinglePass Curling Iron- this is the curling iron I have, and I love it! I only wash and curl my hair once a week, and this iron keeps my curls longer than any other one that I’ve tried! I absolutely love it, and couldn’t recommend it more!
  14. Professional White Gold One Step Volumizer Blow Dryer- As mentioned, I only wash my hair once a week, and if I don’t let it air dry, I use this to blow out my hair. It gives me so much volume, and I love how it gives me a Dry Bar kind of blow out at home.
  15. Kristen Ess Brush- this might sound silly how much love I have for this brush, but it’s one of my favorite beauty products ever. It is the best for brushing your hair gently and getting out tangles without hurting your scalp. Presley is very tender headed, and if I used this brush, she never complains. Plus it’s rose gold. I love it! You’ve got to try it!
  16. Kylie Lip Kit- every time I wear this in the shade Kylie, I get so many DMs asking me what my lip color is. It lasts so long throughout the day- I have a hard time finding any lip color that actually lasts, and this truly does! It’s a great gift and a great neutral shade for anyone!

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