Hey loves! With a lot of us celebrating Halloween at home this year, I still wanted to make it fun and memorable for the kiddos. We did an at-home game night and it was an absolute blast!

Here are some of the games we played for our Halloween 2020 Ghostly Games!

  1. Mummy wrap
  2. Pumpkin bowling
  3. Haunted gingerbread house content
  4. Halloween bingo
  5. Door decorating contest
  6. Pumpkin memory
  7. Pumpkin “egg” hunt

Halloween Bingo

I printed them off from abcdeelearning.com for free! She has a ton of different bingo sheets! I got candy corn to use for the place holder for the bingo sheet.

Pumpkin Memory Game

For this memory game, I did two of the same faces on orange plates with a black sharpie. I’d suggest using paper plates so that the sharpies show up better!

When we were playing we put on a timer and whichever team got all the matches the fast, won!

Pumpkin Bowling

For bowling we used a pumpkin as the ball and rolls of toilet paper as the pins. I drew on the toilet with the black sharpie to make little ghost faces!

Pumpkin “egg” Hunt

I got little pumpkin “eggs” that I stuffed with candy, you can buy them here! I suggest putting a piece of tape on them to help keep them shut.

We had the kiddos see who could find them the fastest!

Haunted Gingerbread House Contest

I found a really cute haunted mansion cookie kit, you can get it here!! I got one for me and Presley, and another for Adam and Landon.

I would recommend making the house bases before you start as they need 30 minutes to dry before decorating. And then we set a timer for 15 minutes!

Mummy Wrap

Whoever wraps the entire roll around the mummy first wins!

Door Decorating Contest

We set the timer for 10 minutes to decorate the doors. We had you guys vote on IG for the winner!

After all of the games we were tied so for the tie breaker we did a plate of gummy worms and covered them in whipped cream! Adam and I had 30 seconds to eat as many worms as possible.

We had SO much fun and we will definitely be doing at-home game nights more often! Check out the whole video here!

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