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Hey loves! I wanted to share a blog post about how to deep clean your kitchen sink as part of the deep cleaning series I’m doing on my YouTube channel (just search for “Brianna K deep cleaning series” on YouTube if you want to see more videos over there). When I’m having a hard time, this takes less than 10 minutes, and seriously can turn my day around to feel productive and have a sparkling clean and fresh smelling kitchen sink. So if you’re in need of some cleaning motivation and a mood boost, here is a guide for one of the fastest things you can deep clean now.

Here is the video where I walk you through exactly what you need to deep clean your kitchen sink, and I show you my step-by-step method for having a sparkling clean sink. And of course, I share my cleaning tips and hacks along the way to help make this job easier for you!

And below are the items you need and the step-by-step guide for how to deep clean your kitchen sink.


  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • Snack size ziplock bags
  • Rubber bands or clothes pins
  • Toothbrush or my personal favorite, a Rubbermaid Reveal scrubbing brush (link to find it on Amazon here.)
  • Wet scrubbing sponge

I’ve linked all my favorite sink cleaning products and decor around my sink on my page here. If you’d like to follow me on there, that’s where I link everything from cleaning products, home decor, to clothes. So if you ever see something you’re interested in on my blog or my pictures or videos, that’s a great place to check for the links!


  1. Wet down sink basin and scrubbing sponge.
  2. Fill ziplock bag with vinegar, and attached around faucets with rubber band or clothes pins so that the vinegar sits around the faucet head.
  3. Squirt dish soap around sink basin.
  4. Sprinkle baking soda around the sink basin.
  5. Use the wet scrubbing sponge to rub in circular motions around the sink basin until the entire sink has been scrubbed.
  6. Use the toothbrush or Rubbermaid Reveal to scrub around the rim of the basin where it meets the countertops, around the drains, and around where the faucet meets the countertop to remove any build up.
  7. Remove ziplock bags with vinegar, and poor the vinegar in the sink basin. You’ll see the baking soda foam up even more.
  8. Wash down the baking soda and dish soap thoroughly from the sink basin. Turn on the garbage disposal while rinsing to deodorize your disposal as well.
  9. Wet a paper towel with vinegar, and wipe down your faucet handles.
  10. Use a dry paper towel to wipe out the sink basin. Enjoy your sparkling clean and fresh-smelling sink!

If you’re interested in ordering the products that I use to clean my kitchen sink, I order everything from Grove Collaborative, and I could not recommend this cleaning supply delivery service more. Everything is delivered right to your door, and they have incredible options and scents of natural cleaning products. You will love it! Here is the link you can use, so you can get a free gift set with any $20 order.

Hope you enjoyed this post with the steps to deep clean your kitchen sink! Let me know what else you’d like to see me do a tutorial on for this deep cleaning series. Thank you so much for reading and for your support.


Brianna K


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  1. Liz morgan says:

    Hi Bri,

    I recently started watching youtube on cleaning and organization! I have watched A LOT of videos on organizing and cleaning and you are by far my favorite! I love how simple you make cleaning and organizing can be! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation! I have watched ALL your videos and at the end, I would go and tackle away. That’s how much motivation you give me! I am now a firm believer that a young pup (you) can teach an old dog (me, 61 yr. old) new tricks!
    You, your family and home are beautiful.
    Now off to clean my sink!

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