Hey Loves! For Motivation Monday I’m sharing a ton of motivation in today’s video that can help you get going and start this week of right. In today’s video, I am starting with a Fall clean of our kids toy room. I’m sanitizing the toys, decluttering and purging to prep for the holidays, and doing a good re-organization and clean up that I hope inspires you to clean your home too. Next, I share a grocery haul and my fall meal planning ideas. And I cook two of the recipes- at-home cheesy Gordita crunch and a fresh fall apple walnut salad that is so simple and delicious.

I hope you get a ton of motivation from this video. Please watch it here!

Thank you so much for watching my videos and reading my blog. I’m so glad you’re here!


Brianna K


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  1. Charlene says:

    Just out of curiosity as I’m not in the us. Saw you taking off the fall decor which I wish we did here tough we don’t have much of an autumn. Anyway when Halloween is over do you put the fall decor back up? Beautiful house and design.

  2. Charlotte Trejo says:

    Cleaning and Motivational come on meal planning, declutter list

  3. Phyllis lampman says:

    Love you videos. I have an empty nest but I am always looking for ideas to keep our home running smoothly since I still work outside of the home.

  4. Brianna says:

    Searching for clean with me videos on YouTube I came across your name. Initially it caught my eye because it’s my name as well! But since then I have become a little addicted and think you are amazing and so SO inspirational. I’m not sure how to find all the links for things you mention, I’d love if I could figure that out! Thanks for all you do!

  5. Anna says:

    Love your channel. And also liked your eppisode of Mom Boss

  6. Moni says:

    I really love that post and video! Thanks for being like a mom friend each and every day <3

  7. Katy says:

    Love this!!

  8. Alina says:

    Cleaning schedule

  9. Aisling Parfrey says:

    I love your vids and i want your newsletter!!

  10. Aisling Parfrey says:

    I love your vids and would like the newsletter!

  11. Tracy says:

    Heey 🙂 I would love a new letter I love cleaning and watching others while I clean and I need to get writing things down so I will do them.

  12. Nikki says:

    Very inspiring

  13. Shanna says:

    Hey I’m looking for the autumn cleaning list but can’t seem to find it, can you point me to then right page?


    Cheshire Kitteh

  14. Brittany says:

    I’d love the free cleaning printable. I really am inspired by you! Thanks for an awesome YouTube channel!

  15. Anne adcock says:

    ready for cleaning list

  16. Roberta says:

    Cleaning schedule ❤️

  17. Betsy says:

    Love this video, Bri! I just signed up for your newsletter. Is there a way to get the printable cleaning list you mentioned? Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! xo

  18. Shareara Brown says:

    I’m watching now. Loving it

  19. Amy says:

    Can’t wait to get the Fall cleaning check list!

  20. Michelle Bowers says:

    Love your channel and blog! ♡

  21. Christine says:


  22. Ali says:

    Hi Bri!
    I am looking for those printables that you talked about on insta! I subscribed to your blog 💕

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