I hope you've started your Monday off feeling motivated and ready to tackle anything this week throws at you! And if not, that's okay, too! It's never too late to turn it around.

I've always shared motivational quotes on Mondays because it's been an important part of my personal routine for years. If you've been around for a while, you know that morning routine videos are a part of my regular YouTube lineup. They're always one of my favorites to share because even though not all mornings go according to plan, having a flow that allows me to take care of myself before I start taking care of the kids has been so essential. Now that we have split custody, I can enjoy going to a workout class once or twice a week, which is so nice. Social exercise is something I missed a ton while we were under quarantine. And when the kids are with me, I wake up early to ride my bike in the basement and get inspired for the workday by looking on Pinterest.

Throwback Morning Routine of a SAHM

I shared these motivational quotes that I made over on my Instagram, and a few people messaged me asking if I had them in iPhone wallpaper size to keep you inspired all day long. So, here they are! I treat these a lot like morning affirmations - every time I open my phone, I read the quotes out loud to myself to brighten my day and keep myself motivated to go after my goals. And I hope it works the same for you! Feel free to share these with a friend who may need to hear it.


Got a request? I'm starting to make these every Monday, so if you have a quote that really resonates with you, feel free to leave it in the comments and it might make it into my weekly lineup! I'll share updated wallpapers here as often as I can as well. Bye, loves!

My Current Work From Home Mom Morning Routine

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