Hey Loves! Wanted to share all of my must-have products for summer 2019 with you. There are so many good sales this Memorial Day weekend, so I wanted to share my top 10 favorites for summer so you can stock up. These are the 10 pieces of clothing and accessories that I know will be my go-to’s all summer long. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else that is on your must-have list for summer 2019!

YouTube Moms Brianna K Tiffani Beaston Myka Stauffer on unicorn pool float on vacation in Palm Springs | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

Straw Beach Bag Tote

I got this one from Target for around $30, and it fits so much stuff for the pool! I will definitely be using it for the pool all summer because I can stuff everything I need in it for me and the kids, and I love that it could double as a purse for any other boho or casual summer outfit!

Straw beach tote from Target | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

Bathing Suit Cover Up

Every mom needs a good cover up so you can get everything sorted when you first get to the pool without all your bits hanging out, right? I always like having either a black or a white cover up because I feel like they can go with anything, and I love this option from Target because it comes in black and white. I decided to go with a white one this year though, and got this white coverup with tiny pink flamingos on it before our Palm Springs vacation, and I got so many compliments on it at the pool. (P.S. Seeing these pictures from our Palm Springs vacation makes me miss these girls so much!! If you’re not following Tiffani Beaston or Myka Stauffer, you should!!! Their handles are @t.beaston and @mykastauffer on Instagram!)

YouTube Moms Brianna K Tiffani Beaston Myka Stauffer in cabana on vacation in Palm Springs | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K


I got a pair of Gucci sunglasses last spring, and they are still my go-to sunglasses. I got them the weekend there was a huge friends and family sale at Sunglass Hut inside Macy’s, where you actually can use the discount on some of the brands that you can never get a discount on. They are totally an investment, but I get compliments on these sunglasses all the time, and I wear them every day and they have really held up. I think because they have such thick frames, they are good for the wear. I found a pair that look just like mine on Amazon that are listed at $188, and I’ll link them here. I also found a pair of thick black, oversized frames that have the same look as mine that are only $15 on Amazon here, so you can get the same look that is way more budget friendly!

Woven Platform Sandals

Every year, there seems to be one pair of sandals that I can pair with every outfit, and this year, I am obsessed with the pair of shoes I’m wearing in the picture above and below. Seriously, I wear them all the time! I found mine at Red Dress Boutique for $34, plus you can get 10% off if you sign up for their email list, and I’ll link them here. They are on backorder, but good news! There is is an almost identical pair at Target for $27, and I’ll link them here. (Swear, this is not sponsored by Target lol.) When we were on vacation in Palm Springs, I wore these to the pool, with every dress to dinner, and with my shorts. They are so easy to walk in because they are platform, and I love that they are nude so they are versatile and can go with anything!

Brianna K with rose gold Calpak suitcase and passport in black travel jumpsuit and black sunglasses with white tassel earrings | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K


There’s something about the buttons and the tie waist that make me love this black jumpsuit more than any other one I’ve ever owned! But it is so comfortable, it makes you feel like you’re wearing pajamas. I love wearing this when I’m running errands, or when I’m traveling. The black is a must for me when traveling, because the kiddos oftentimes will have spills or snacks all over the place, and this way black hides those stains. And it’s super chic, so if you have to go to something right away when you get off the plane, you’re comfy, but you still look fashionable. I got this one from Nordstrom, and I’ll link it here.

Summer Vacation Luggage

Speaking of travel, I have to share my luggage that I’m obsessed with in case you’re looking for gear for summer vacation plans. I got a rose gold Calpak luggage set that has a carry on bag and a large suitcase, and between the color and the interior zippers and pockets and storage, it is perfection. I’ll link it here. I traveled a LOT for work and we travel a lot as a family, and this is by far, the best luggage I’ve ever owned. So worth the investment. It’s held up great so far on every trip we’ve taken, and I feel like I can fit so much into these bags. I just packed for myself and the kids for a week, and it all fit in the large suitcase. If you want to see that video for how I pack, you can watch it below. I also got the coordinating rose gold packing cubes, which help with packing SO MUCH. Seriously, you can see in the video. And I love my Calpak laptop backpack which I use as my carry-on bag. As a mom, I need my hands free to guide the littles onto the plane, so it functions exactly how I need it to, and looks really cute and stylish too. I’ll link it here. It also has a strap so it can sit on the handle of the suitcases as you roll through the airport to save yourself the weight on your back. I could probably do a whole blog post on travel gear and tips….coming soon! 😉

White Tassel Earrings

I got this pair from BaubleBar at Nordstrom, and I’ll link them here. They were $38, but I love the quality. They are super light weight despite looking really bold and chunky, and I have noticed a difference in how the tassels hold up compared to other tassel earrings I’ve gotten at Target. Plus, I love how the white makes your makeup pop, and goes with basically everything all summer.

white tassel bauble bar earrings | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

Summer Pajamas

We worked with Hanna Andersson on an Instagram post recently, and got this family set of rainbow ice cream cone pajamas, and I’m not kidding, best quality pajamas ever! I’ll link the ice cream pajamas here. I loved them so much, I ended up ordering a bunch of PJs for Landon and Presley for summer because they have really cute Disney designs and lots of cute stripe designs too, and I love that the family can coordinate, or even just brothers and sisters can coordinate. Aladdin was my favorite Disney movie growing up, so I had to get them matching Aladdin and Jasmine jammies. I’ll link the Aladdin pjs here, and the Jasmine pjs here. There’s a huge sale going on for Memorial Day, so if you use the code LONGWEEKEND you can get up to 50% off!

YouTube Moms Brianna K with husband Adam son Landon and daughter Presley jumping on bed in white pajamas with rainbow ice cream cones from Hanna Andersson| 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

Button-up Camisole Tank Top

I got this BP tank top in the color pink lavender candy stripes, but it comes in a ton of color options. The link is here. It’s on sale for only $20 this week, and it’s so light and breezy for summer, and I love the look of the buttons!

white and lavender strip cami button up tank top | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

Maxi Dress

I got the one I’m wearing below from Red Dress Boutique, and I’ve got to say, they have a ton of adorable maxi dresses to choose from. I’ll link mine here because I love the ombre pink colors for summer, but it also comes in a blue version that is gorgeous too! And not gonna lie, I will be keeping this dress for pregnancy, as we plan on growing our family, and this would be the perfect dress to wear with a bump too!

YouTube Moms Brianna K wearing hot pink maxi dress with daughter Presley and son Landon in Joshua Tree National Park on vacation in Palm Springs | 10 SUMMER MUST HAVES 2019 BITS OF BRI BLOG BY BRIANNA K

One thing I’m still searching for this year is the perfect pair of cut off denim shorts. I found a great pair last year from Express that I held on to because they were so mom friendly. If you have any good ones, please link your suggestions in the comments. I am on the hunt!! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading this post and for being here. It’s been hard lately with my dad’s health on a serious decline, and we’re cherishing every day we have with him. I hope you have a beautiful summer, and that you make amazing memories and live life to the fullest.




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