Hey loves! I’m sharing our current night time routine as a family of five with baby Hayden!

Now that winter is in full swing here in Ohio, whenever we get the chance we like to get outside and get some fresh air! On the day I filmed this vlog we had just gotten a ton of snow so I took Landon and Presley outside and we had so much fun making snow angels and having a snowball fight. And then we of course had to come inside for some hot chocolate!

Then I get the kiddos dinner ready and then I got my dinner ready as well. It’s so nice to eat dinner all together and chat with the kiddos.

After dinner is done it’s bath time for the big kids! While Adam does their bath, I usually feed Hayden in the nursery. Once he’s fed, I’ll change his diaper and get him into his pajamas. The big kids also get their pajamas on and brush their teeth.

Once they’re all ready we’ll head back downstairs to watch a movie for a bit. Then bedtime for the big kids!

That’s usually about the time I will feed Hayden again. Once he’d done feeding I’ll tidy up the kitchen from dinner and the day! I try to put everything away and wipe down the surfaces.

Around 8:30 Adam goes to bed to start sleeping and I take the first shift and then Adam gets up between 2:00 – 4:00 and takes the second shift with baby! Right now baby’s sleep schedule is waking about every 2 hours to eat during the night, so we’ve been taking shifts to try to get a little more sleep. I’m breastfeeding, so I will pump a bottle so Adam can take over one of the night time feedings so I can get a longer stretch of sleep.

This night I made some nursing tea and did a little bit of work in-between lots of cuddles, rocking and shushing until we do one more feeding before bed. Then we’ll head upstairs and I put him in his snoo for the night!

Hope this night time routine helps you see what life is like with a newborn and two kids!

See the full video here:

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