Hey loves! Today I am sharing my pregnant morning routine. My morning routine has changed a lot during this pregnancy, so here is what it currently looks like with two kids, ages 3 and 5!

Lately I’ve been waking up at 7:00. The only way I’ve been getting sleep is because of my pregnancy pillow, this thing is a life saver! Right when I wake up, I like to wash my face, brush my teeth, put in my contacts and I try to get dressed early before the kids wake up. If I can, I try to go for an early morning walk. I’ll put in a little dry shampoo, some moisturizing and eye cream. 

Then I head downstairs and make some coffee. The kids will wake up around this time too. One of my biggest mom hacks is making a huge batch of pancakes and then freezing them. In the morning, I’ll pop them in the microwave for 45-60 seconds. The kids love pancakes so this just makes things so much easier and quicker since I don’t have to actually make them and then clean up the dishes!

While the kiddos eat breakfast, I drink my coffee and we’ll chat and talk about the day.  Then we head upstairs and get the kids ready and dressed! They’ll then go play and I’ll put on a little bit of makeup. It’s a nice extra 10-15 minutes to gather my thoughts and take a little time for me.

On this day the kiddos woke up a bit earlier than usual. Typically after I wash my face, I go downstairs, do my daily devotional, look at my calendar, and respond to any emails or DM’s. I try to get a bit of a jumpstart on the day before the kids do wake up. Depending on the weather, I try to go on a walk in the morning before it gets too warm and it’s made such a difference!

The kids play so well together or with each of their own toys in the morning, so i’ll clean up from breakfast and look over my calendar. I always try to get outside in the morning because the kids love playing with bubbles or sidewalk chalk. Sometimes I will even bring my laptop outside while they’re playing so we can all be outside and I can get a little work done!

Thank you so much for being here! Sending you all so much love!

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