Hey loves! I’m sharing my pregnant night time routine evening routine of what I do with my family. I have two little ones right now, pregnant with our third baby at the moment due in November. I also have a really awesome and easy recipe to share with you today and then I’ll take you through the rest of our routine!

Lazy Chicken Parm & Italian Rolls

For this recipe you will need ground chicken, some sort of Italian cheese, you could use mozzarella as well. A jar of tomato sauce any flavor of your liking. You will need zucchini squash, I usually do like 1 squash per person who will be eating it and i’ll make pasta then for for the kids. I’m also going to share my Italian Crescent rolls which to make those you just need some of the cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic salt and you also need some olive oil!

Lazy Chicken Parm

  • On medium heat add chicken and Italian seasoning, cook until brown
  • Add in tomato sauce
  • Once sauce is bubbling, turn heat to low
  • Cut ends of zucchini off, slice in half lengthwise
  • Scoop out seeds with spoon
  • Fill zucchini boats with meat sauce
  • Sprinkle with cheese
  • Bake at 375 for 25 minutes

Italian Crescent Rolls

  • Lay out rolls
  • Sprinkle cheese on crescent before rolling
  • Roll up like normal
  • Brush tops with olive oil
  • Sprinkle with italian seasoning and garlic salt
  • Bake as directed
  • Enjoy!

4:30 – Make dinner

5:30 – Landon had home school

6:00 – Dinner

6:45 – Shower night for the kiddos and I clean up the kitchen

7:15 – Books and bedtime

8:00 – Put on PJs and get bedtime snack

Then Adam and I will relax and watch a show!

And that is our current nighttime routine with the kiddos! If you make this recipe make sure you tag me @bitsofbri on Instagram! Head over to my new site for updates on courses and to get all of your free printables!
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