Hey loves! Today I am in extreme prep mode for homeschooling. I am prepping our home school room so you are in for extreme cleaning, organizing and decorating! I hope this gives you ton of motivation as you prep for homeschool or virtual learning as we go back to school this fall!

I was a teacher 10 years ago, it was so fun for me to order the supplies and set the classroom area! It definitely took me back to setting up my classroom way back then! I linked everything that I used here!

I started by cleaning and decluttering the room. Wiping down all of the surfaces, vacuuming, and straightening up some of the supplies we already had. The buffet in the room was used mainly for seasonal decor and some of the kids toys, but I decided to clean it out and use it specifically for school supplies. 

After I organized the buffet, I did a quick inventory of the supplies I already had. We had a ton of different workbooks and papers that would still be usable for Landon!  I organized the papers we had in file folders with post-its.

I got supplies like chalk, dry erase markers, markers, sharpies for the big chart paper, glue sticks, crayons and pencils. I have a free school supply checklist printable on my site, you can get yours here!

We also have things like puzzles to practice letters, counting bears, and arts and crafts supplies! 

Once I had all of the supplies out of boxes and organized, I put them in designated bins in the buffet or more of the frequently used items in an organizer on their table. 

I also set up a workspace for myself so that while they’re working I can be in there with them. I set up the desk and chair and once that was done it was time to decorate!

I hung a cute alphabet banner and a calendar and weather hanger so we can go over days of the weeks and weather. I also hung some arts and crafts.

After that was done it was time to clean up everything and the room was set! I’m so happy with how it turned out. Let me know if there is anything you think I’m missing! Sending you all so much love!

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