Today I’m sharing my daily routine and schedule to stay productive as a mom! I hope this helps you figure out your routine to be productive with the kiddos at home!

I start my morning at 5:00 by brushing my teeth and splashing some water on my face before heading downstairs to make some coffee. Working out and getting some work done before my kiddos wake up, really helps me feel productive and happy each day!

At 5:30 I start to exercise and while doing so I like to read positive quotes, devotionals, and listen to uplifting music to get into the right mindset. I like taking this time for me to be my best version of myself when the kids and my husband wake up.

Around 6:30 I’ll shower and get ready. Once ready we head downstairs and I’ll start making the kids breakfast, sometimes I’ll hop on a call if needed to get some business taken care of as well! Multitasking at its finest!

8:00 we head upstairs to get the kids dressed and we’ll tidy up their rooms and make beds. 

9:00 is our school run and I will take a call if needed for business. On this particular day I noticed how dirty my interior was so we stopped to clean it out and go through the car wash!

Once we get home, I let P watch a movie while I do some meal planning, get some work done, and start knocking off some other items on my to-do list.

One of my biggest tips I have for busy moms to be productive is to have anything you can have delivered or picked up curbside – do it! It saves us so much money because I don’t get things not on my list, and it saves me so much time! We are all working moms if we stay home or work a typical 9-5 and we all need time saving tips!

Lunchtime is at noon and then Presley goes down for her nap. While shes sleeping I eat my lunch and get anything else done I may need. Cleaning, cooking, work stuff, I try to tackle whatever is left on my to-do list that I can! 

Presley usually wakes up around 3:00 and she LOVES to help me finish cleaning up, she is the sweetest thing. We usually finish putting away laundry or will vacuum her room until it’s time to go pick up Landon! 

We do dinner as a family around 5:30 and once done we’ll start getting the kiddos ready for bed and I’ll clean up the kitchen and put everything away. 

The kids go down around 7:30 and that’s when Adam and I will finish cleaning up, work, or take some time for us to relax! 

I hope this full day routine as a productive mom I hope that it gave you some ideas on how you can structure your day too! I’m here to cheer you on, you’re amazing and I am so glad you’re here!

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