All moms are working moms, and we work around the clock! I wanted to show you what my daily schedule looks like when I’m at home on weekdays and when I’m not working on my blog, Etsy business or YouTube channel. I filmed our entire day too, so you can shop with me, clean with me, cook with me, mom with me and spend the day with me! This way you can see what a productive routine and daily schedule looks like for me on the days when I’m in stay-at-home-mom mode.

Brianna K bitsofbri in her car with black floppy hat leopard sweater and Starbucks productive routine and daily schedule of a stay at home mom blog post and day in the life youtube video

5:30 – I wake up and make coffee. 

5:45 – I then hop on my exercise bike and get some blood pumping! I try to get some work done on my phone while on the bike. I will answer emails and messages and it makes me feel like i’ve started my day with a workout and did something productive!

6:45 – Shower and get ready for the day! I try to be fully ready before the kids wake up, but of course there are days that doesn’t happen! If they did wake up, I’ll put on some makeup and my outfit of the day while the kiddos hang out in our bathroom!

7:30: Get the kids dressed. I plan out their outfits on Sunday so it makes it really easy to grab their outfits quickly in the morning when there is so much going on.

7:45 – 8:30: Breakfast with the kids. I love sitting down with them every morning and talking with them about the day ahead. We’ll chat about what’s going on at school or after school that day and it gets us all on the same page and prepared for the day!

8:30: We throw on our shoes, grab our bags and head to school! 

9:00: School drop off.

9:30: Once the kiddos are off at school, I’ll run to errands and get a few things done while I have the chance!

12:00: I pick up Presley and we will head home for lunch. 

12:15: Lunch time for the two of us!

1:00: Presley’s nap time. When I put her down is when I get to work! I’ll try to tackle my to-do list. Whether it’s cleaning around the house, organizing, or cooking something! 

3:30: Pick up Landon from school. This is such a fun part of my day when I can get a little bit of time alone to hang out with my boy!

4:00: Snack time!

4:30: I put a movie on for the kiddos so I can cook dinner.

5:30: Dinner time.

6:00: Clean up around the kitchen from dinner.

6:15: Family movie night. The best part of the day! We all get cozy on the couch and relax while watching a good movie together.

7:15: Kids bedtime.

7:45: Tidy up. I’ll either watch a show or get some work done and prep for the day ahead.

9:00-10:00: I try to make sure I am in bed between 9 and 10 to get enough sleep!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how we spend our days! Thank you so much for watching my videos and reading my blog. I’m so glad you’re here!


Brianna K


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  1. Rebekah Freshour says:

    Loved this breakdown!

  2. Jill says:

    First time seeing your video. Love the checklists and look forward to using them. Though it has been quite awhile since I have been a young mother, you never stop learning. Thanks Bri.

  3. Asia says:

    Love the blog! i didn’t see any time carved out for your husband… How do you manage making sure your husband gets enough attention from you or is it not high on the priority list?

  4. Chantell Wright says:

    Great ideas

  5. Cathey L Ashburn says:

    Love all of your content. You are so sweet!

  6. Emilee Lamb says:

    You’re so fun to watch! You have helped me get out of my blah stay at home mom funk Your cleaning and decorating videos are so motivational. I love your style! One of my favorites for sure!!

  7. Mckenzie R Powers says:

    Loved your video and blog

  8. Selva says:

    You’re so inspiring!! Love your blog and channel

  9. Julie Johnson says:

    Just started watching your vlogs which I love. My house cleaning motivation has totally picked up. Thanks!

  10. Christina Sewell says:

    You are such a inspiration to me! 💜

  11. Laura says:

    I love watching your videos!! They really help motivate me to get up and get things done around the house! It’s so nice to watch other mothers and how they get through the crazy days with kids. It helps me get though the day with my kids!

  12. Mayte Ortega says:

    I just found you thru Amy ! I’m so happy I did !

  13. Caitlin vaisey says:

    Love this!

  14. Katie says:

    I subscribed earlier this week, and learned about your channel from your collaboration with Amy Darley! I have so enjoyed watching your videos, y’all are just precious!

  15. Regina Foster says:

    Your such an inspiration to all moms!!

  16. Hannah Molnar says:

    I just love your YouTube channel, your a awesome mom & wife! Definitely give me motivation ❤️❤️

  17. Leanne says:

    Love the blog and your youtube channel!

  18. Melinda Bell says:

    I want the scheduand list, how do I get?

  19. valerie sparks says:

    could i have the printables please? i love your videos on youtube! you are so inspiring and i love your personality 🙂

  20. This is such a great list! Thank you for sharing your tips! I think I need to start getting back into the routine of waking up before my little one, as well!

  21. JENNIMC says:

    Hello Bri! Just wondering if you have a link for the blanket you folded up for your couch at the end of today’s video? It’s white with red and green lines/plaid on it. I believe I saw it at Target, but cannot seem to find it online now!

  22. Jessica says:

    I’m always looking for mama routines because it can be so easy to get unorganized and feel like there’s not enough time in the day. For someone who has anxiety, it can just get super stressful. Thanks so much for sharing Bri! 💕

  23. Jill Harding says:

    Love your blog and channel.

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