Part one of the Spring Cleaning for 2022 is here! I hope you get tons of cleaning motivation in this extreme clean with me for Spring 2022! Doing a deep clean of my kitchen, bedding, mattresses, appliances, and more!

Coming up in the next spring cleaning video will be deep clean of the bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, baseboards, and floors- so more homemaking and cleaning motivation coming your way soon!!!

To start, here are all of my spring cleaning must haves! These are my favorite, tried and true products that I have used forever and always have on hand when it’s time for a deep clean.



Alright! Let’s get started! I always start by doing a good wipe down of the table and chairs in the kitchen. The cushions also needed a good cleaning. I sprayed them down with our hose and scrubbed them hard.

The windows also need a good cleaning, which I’ll be doing in part two, but there was so much dust on them that I did a quick cleaning of the kitchen ones while I was in there.

I wiped down the lights and fixtures above our kitchen island to catch any dirt or dust before wiping down the island itself!


I also used this day to do all of the laundry of our sheets, mattress covers, and all of the other bedding. There was LOTS! I love hanging the sheets to dry outside, I never did this before moving to Hawaii, but it makes the sheets SO crisp and clean.

Okay – back to the kitchen! I tidied up all of the counter space and then I wiped down all of the cabinets, counters and appliances. I also did a really good wipe down of the stovetop! Once that was done, I put away the clean dishes and loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dishes.


Last time I did a deep clean, so many of you gave me the suggestion to use a pillowcase when I clean the fans! I tried that this time and I do think it worked pretty well at keeping the dust from falling all over, but I did still use a microfiber cloth to get the dust completely off!

Now time to freshen up the beds! To get all the dust out of my mattress, I vacuum it! It might look a little funny, but it works so well. Then I use the febreze anti-microbial spray on my mattress and pillows as well!


Back in the kitchen and appliances! I moved the oven out and UGH, there was SO much stuff behind there! I cleaned under the range and wiped down the entire oven, I did the same for the fridge too.

Another thing I love to clean in the kitchen is the garbage disposal and dishwasher, I use the affresh cleaners and they work so well.

Once all of the laundry is done, I grab all of that bedding and remake the beds and fold up any extras.

And that is it for part one!! Stay tuned for part two coming soon!

Check out the full Spring Cleaning video here!

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