Ten Things, Life Update, and More!

Hey, loves! This week has been packed to the brim as we launch full speed into my busiest time of year! My holiday homemaking and decorating videos are always the most fun to make, and lucky me – they’re your favorite, too! So much work goes into make these happen behind the scenes, so I have been slammed and trying to play catchup. I don’t want to miss a single one of your questions or requests, so I’m leaving a ton of your FAQs here for a little old school blog and life roundup. Here we go!

One. After catching up on a lot of lost sleep from late nights and early mornings in Disney, I posted a little good morning selfie on Instagram. And let me tell you, I was met with some of the nicest DMs I’ve ever read! Thank you for the confidence boost, but I cannot take all the credit. I found the holy grail of foundations and a few more go-to products that have given me the most glowing skin, so I had to share!

Tap to shop my three favorite everyday makeup products!

Two. I am always getting messages asking why content creators like to rush the seasons. And I want you guys to know, I think you should celebrate anything any time you want! But with that being said, my YouTube videos, blog posts, and reels are never intended to be the rule book. I get started on everything early so that you guys will have all the information, inspiration, and motivation to get it done when you’re ready! You may not even put up your tree until the week of Christmas – that’s okay! But if you want to watch one of my homemaking videos to get the warm, fuzzy feelings in October, more power to you!

Three. With that being said, yes, it’s Halloweek. And yes, I did just post my first Christmas themed video! I did a small haul with some adorable new Christmas decor items from Target, Kirklands, Big Lots, and more. If you’re already getting in the spirit, catch up on this week’s video here!

Some of the items I found in today’s video are only available in store, but everything else is linked here! Tap the picture to shop!

Four. The floors are almost done! I’ll share all the home update details in a home tour when this project is entirely done, but with everything that’s been changing in our lives lately, it felt right to create a clean slate in this place we’ve called home for so many years. I love the herringbone pattern when you walk in the front door. It feels like such a statement maker! And so many of the rooms in the house are getting a fresh coat of paint. After 3 kids and a dog, there were plenty of scuffs and permanent tiny handprints to tidy up! I can’t wait to share the finished project. Hopefully, it’ll all be done in time to host Thanksgiving.

Five. Talk about a heart breaker – if you’ve been around for a while, you know how much I love my steam mop. But when we had these floors put in, my contractor let me know that I couldn’t use my steam mop anymore! It was a sad day to be Brianna K. I wasn’t crazy about the Bona mop that I used in the video, but I do love my new vacuum! It did a great job of sucking up all the construction dust and has a really great battery life.

And to top it all off, one of you messaged me on Instagram to let me know that after a year, you still love the vacuum just as much! No loss of battery life or suction. So I think I can comfortably recommend it to you. If you’re looking for a new vacuum this year, try mine out!

Six. We talked on stories the other day about how easily some of the best Christmas items sell out. And Christmas pajamas are definitely one of those things! After my mini-Christmas haul, I said, “Okay, but that’s it! I won’t need any more Christmas stuff until at least November!” And then I saw these Elf-inspired pajamas. So, that’s cancelled!

Seven. I got asked about one hundred times where my cardigan from the video was from. And I don’t blame you at all! I can’t believe I found it for under $50 at Dillards.

Eight. It means the most to me when I see that you guys are still inspired by my older videos. I still get comments on the Hawaii house decor. And it got me thinking about where you’re all celebrating Christmas! I know that for a great deal of you, it’s probably not as chilly as it is here in Cleveland around the holidays. I still get asked all the time about our electric fireplace and mantle – it’s the perfect way to add that coziness to your home no matter where you live. There’s just something about a fireplace mantle that really makes it feel like the holidays. If you don’t have a real wood burning fireplace in your home, you can recreate the look! This is the one that we bought, and I really loved it!

Nine. And another one of my most requested links: our breakfast table and chairs! They don’t make the exact table and chairs we have any more, but I found another table from the same manufacturer that is almost exactly the same. If you’re looking for a look-for-less round breakfast table and chairs like mine, tap the picture below to steal the look!

And ten is from the heart. I just wanted to say, thank you. Thank you for still being here after all these years, and witnessing all the changes going on in my life, and choosing to support me through the ups and downs. Thank you for respecting my family’s privacy, and for helping me feel excited about this upcoming season. The holidays are such a special time for me, and this year, everything feels like the good old days made fresh and new. Things are different, but we’re still here. And I’m determined to make this season special for my family. I hope I can make it special for yours, too.

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  1. Alexis says:

    Great Blog post! Thank you for sharing and creating these to read. I loved the Christmas haul! 😊

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