Brianna K in master closet with white built ins from Home Depot Closetmaid and white marble contact paper with white velvet hangers with rose gold hooks. Extreme konmari tips to declutter your closet from Brianna K youtube bitsofbri blog

Hey Loves! If you’re new here, welcome! Besides this blog, I also have a YouTube channel, and some of my most popular cleaning videos over there have been when I do an extreme KonMari of my closets around my house. So in today’s blog post, I wanted to share with you tips to declutter your closet, how to do a wardrobe purge, and give you some inspiration if you need some extreme KonMari motivation!

If you’ve never heard of the term “KonMari” it was started by Marie Kondo, and it’s an organization style. You can use this method to declutter your home- and most people start with their clothes. It’s a really great way to get rid of items in your wardrobe that are taking up both physical and mental space. Her KonMari process is to take everything out of your closet and your drawers, go piece by piece and ask yourself “does this spark joy?” Anything that isn’t useful or makes you feel negative goes.

Extreme konmari tips to declutter your closet from Brianna K youtube bitsofbri blog

My personal feelings on doing an extreme KonMari declutter is that it is LIFE CHANGING! I had some pretty severe anxiety around the holidays and New Years due to my dad being on hospice and just a lot of life circumstances feeling out of control. I truly believe that by decluttering and getting rid of the physical stuff, clears up the mental clutter. In my case, I was donating pretty much all of it or selling the high quality stuff for super low prices on my PoshMark closet, so it makes me feel really happy to know the stuff I don’t need could help others. I love making space in my closet. It is so freeing! I feel fully committed to following the rule if one thing comes in, that means at least one thing is out. Nothing brings me more mental peace and joy than seeing a clean, tidy, and organized space.

You can watch my initial extreme KonMari video where I did a huge purge of my side of the master closet and all my drawers. I seriously got rid of so much stuff!

So after doing that first KonMari purge of a lot of my business clothes that I simply don’t use anymore, some maternity clothes, and some postpartum “transitional” clothes I’d gotten, I realized I wanted to take that amazing feeling and make it even longer lasting. My husband and I decided that we would get built-ins installed in our closets. My girlfriend had this done to her home during pregnancy nesting, and had gone through Home Depot. I was so impressed by the results and how it was more reasonably priced than other closet built ins. I’ll share the link to the base model of what we have in all our closets in our home, but I would highly recommend if you’re interested, having Home Depot come out for a consultation. They measured each closet, and on the iPad could do a virtual mock up of what the closet could look like, and put in different pieces or drawers for whatever storage system I wanted. Then, they can give you prices for how much it is for the closet of your dreams, because it can vary based on closet sign and what you want installed.

We just had these built-ins installed last month, and I had so much fun putting our closets back together and reorganizing them. You can watch my YouTube video below to see how I organized everything once the built-ins were there. It truly makes a world of difference for my anxiety and just overall sense of peace when my home is organized and decluttered. Here is what I learned throughout this process to help you declutter your closet.


  1. Commit to being tidy. I truly believe this is a lifestyle choice you have to make. It takes weekly and monthly maintenance to purge any excess items you do not need or, KonMari style, that do not spark joy.
  2. Get coordinating hangers. I found these white velvet hangers with rose gold when I was redoing our closets on Amazon, and I decided to finally get velvet hangers. So many subscribers had told me to get velvet hangers, and they were right! I am so glad I got these, and I love that they come in both adult and kid sizes. I also love how the white looks because it keeps everything looking bright in the closet. And when you have the exact same hangers for everything, it makes your clothes look even more tidy!
  3. Coordinate hanging clothing by colors. For my master closet, I did one section of all my whites and neutral tops, and another section of all my colored tops, and they’re all color coded together so it looks neat and tidy.
  4. Coordinate shoes by type. This is one space I would not do by color. It looks a lot tidier to have all your sneakers together, all your heels together, all your sandals together. You get the idea. I think when shoes are the same type and height, it looks more orderly.
  5. Install contact paper. The recovering perfectionist in me actually hates the process of putting in the contact paper because I fuss and redo it over and over again to try to get it absolutely perfect, but I love the finished result. My husband even said he thought it looked amazing in all our closets. For his side of the closet and my son Landon’s room, I got white shiplap contact paper, and for my side of the closet, I got white marble. For my little girl Presley’s closet, I got pink marble contact paper, and all were ordered on Amazon. I think it looks great behind the built in shelves, but I love seeing in in drawers, or covering wooden or plastic shelves or cube storage if you want to upscale them.
  6. Use coordinating basket and bins. I prefer baskets and bins that are the same color and that you can’t see through, just so everything stays neater looking on the shelves. I also love using chalk labels to keep the organization system in tack.
  7. Follow the one in one out rule after you purge. This keeps the space you just decluttered actually looking decluttered!
  8. Get into a declutter routine. Maybe it’s every time you do laundry, or maybe it’s once a month. Pick a time to do a quick KonMari of the items you have in your closet and drawers. Should you actually keep it? Donate, list high quality items on PoshMark, and clear things out. The more you can minimize what you have, the more decluttered your life will be!
Extreme konmari tips to declutter your closet from Brianna K youtube bitsofbri blog
Extreme konmari tips to declutter your closet from Brianna K youtube bitsofbri blog

Well those are my tips for closet decluttering. If you have any advice or questions, please let me know in the comments!

As always, thank you so much for being here. If you’d like to stay connected, please sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar. I hope you feel inspired to declutter and make the space you call home neat and orderly.


Brianna K


Extreme konmari tips to declutter your closet from Brianna K youtube bitsofbri blog
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  1. I’ve Never heard of the “konmari” method. Thank you for sharing I am going to try this! Xo

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