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Hey loves! Today we are doing a huge toy room declutter and organization of our basement! I wanted to do this before Christmas and little babe’s arrival!

We had a lot of work to do and the kid’s were so great and helped me clean up all of their toys and get them organized! Because there was so much to do I ended up doing this toy room declutter over a few days!

Day One

We started by picking up all of the stuff that was out and on the floor and putting it away. The kids have been so extra helpful, Landon actually helped with how we organized the toy storage. He really took ownership in how we did it and in keeping the toy room tidy!

I had to get all of the video game stuff cleaned up, I probably could have organized this better but I gathered it and put it on the inside of the entertainment center so it looked better from the outside. The last thing I did on the first day, was get the baskets that I had on floor organized.

Day two

I went back down when the kiddos were napping. It was kind of hard to do a lot when they were helping with the toys since they were like “no you can’t get rid of that!” so I tried to tackle stuff by myself!

I love when I can completely empty a space, organize what I have, and then put everything back into groups. It just always end up turning up to be a nicer end result! I feel like I get rid of a lot more this way to because I don’t put back anything that I don’t need. I ended up opening all of the cubes so we can add any Christmas toys or things for baby!

We put things into groups which Landon helped with! We did a games and puzzle on one shelf, a transportation shelf with cars, trucks and the helicopter, and then a music shelf.

Once everything was decluttered and organized, I used my multi-surface spray to wipe everything down in here and give it a good dust. Next I wanted to vacuum everything and steam-clean the carpet. I wanted it to be extra clean since I’m sure the kids will be coming down here to play and bringing little babe down and doing lot of tummy time!

I also put down a new rug and table so the kids can sit here and do their games or crafts!

For extreme motivation, check out my full video here! Click here for even more cleaning inspiration!

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