Hey loves! Welcome to my 14 week pregnancy update, I cannot believe it. My app said that little babe is the size of a peach this week, 3 inches long and it’s just going to keep growing! This is usually the time in pregnancy that you’re the most hungry! My cravings have intensified and the touch of nauseous is going down.

I have gained 10 pounds so far this pregnancy. As long as baby is healthy that’s all I care about! I have also started wearing maternity clothes. This t-shirt style dress is super comfortable but also stylish at the same time.

I have not noticed any stretch marks yet. I am starting to sleep better. Between my pregnancy pillow and incorporating my devotional app before falling asleep, it’s helping me stay calm. I am waking up once or twice but I am overall sleeping better!

Best moment this week? Adam and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. We got married on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend so this year our anniversary fell on Memorial Day and we had BBQ with my Grandparents and then they took the kids back to their house so we had the day to ourselves which was so nice!

Missing anything? Just really missing my friends! I would love to go socialize with my girlfriends but just because of pregnancy we would rather be extra careful with everything and with seeing my grandparents, we’re being extra safe!

Food cravings? Still bacon and cheese! As well as fruit! Anything making me sick? Ice cream was the one thing this week where I actually got sick from eating it!

Gender guess? I’m still guessing boy!

No labor signs! And symptoms are peeing a lot more and my face is starting to clear up more too! I feel like I’m even starting to get a little bit of energy back!

Happy or moody? I am feeling happy most of the time too, there’s so many exciting things going on and the weather is getting nice too!

Thank you so much for being here and I’ll see you in my next update!

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